Jules KimDesigner Jules Kim (of Bijules jewelry and Nycked swimwear fame) put a fun spin on half-day Fridays by hosting a weekly — and very stylish — afternoon party at the rooftop of the uber-hip Standard hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District this summer. Read on to see how (and why) she got this party started.

So, how did the Select Summer Fridays come to be?
I started Bijules jewelry in the club. I have always organized events and parties. Living in the moment is part of why Bijules can claim nearly eight years of sales innovation in style and fun. I used to wear two of everything because I knew my peers and fellow partygoers would appreciate the look — but also the moment that we were sharing — and [want to] buy one. The “single-finger fit, multi-finger look” bar ring was born from this idea that I am not alone in my interests, and sharing them builds community and friendships.

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August 25, 2011