The return to bright colors is the best part of spring – besides the warm weather, of course. And thanks to the color authority (also known as Pantone) we have a little easy-to-use guide that’s like our pocket-sized spring-trend guru. But if all-out color isn’t your thing, you can still stay true to your inner fashionista with a statement bauble in the season’s hottest hues. Try out any of these candy-colored pieces with everything from jeans and a tee to an LBD, then sit back and soak up the sartorial praise.

Accessorize with Pantone's Top Fashion Colors for Spring

Our Amrita Singh Boutique opens Sunday, February 3, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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February 3, 2013


In honor of the holiday season, I asked a few of my favorite tastemakers to share their best holiday gifts (both given and received). Their answers may surprise you.

Tastemakers Talk Best Gifts Given & Received


CHRISTINA CALDWELL, Online Director, W magazine
“My favorite gifts are always the sentimental ones – my father engraving his vintage Rolex for me, the blanket a friend knitted for the birth of my son, and a very simple gold star necklace from my mom that was the first present my father gave her 35 years ago.”

“Do genetic gifts count? I endowed my teething two-year-old son, Griffin, with a love of Philly-style hard pretzels. Best gift received? Easy. Optimus Prime Transformer when I was eight years old. I’d just seen the animated movie the day before, so I was primed for maximum gift impact.”
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December 21, 2012

Any chances of getting holiday shopping done early this year are long gone – but, fear not. With this artful collection of jewelry on hand (from a necklace for Mom to a sparkly cocktail ring for your sister) every woman on your list is covered.

Choose from conversation-starting bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants, and you’ll see why last-minute shopping is not only well worth it, but much appreciated (their smiles will say it all). Plus, shipping is guaranteed before Christmas, so you can say goodbye to gift stress altogether.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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December 16, 2012

Sure, we love gifts of luxury. We love thoughtful gifts that speak to a need (finally, a decent coffee machine!). But there’s something about a present that packs an emotional punch. Here are five tips to getting – stylishly – heartfelt for the holidays.


1. Time for a photo op. Too often, old pictures end up piled in shoe boxes. Choose a photo that’s curling at the corners and give it the frame it deserves. We’re partial to silver and leather.

2. Charmed, we’re sure.  We’ve long been fans of the charm bracelet, and we’ve fallen hard for gifting PANDORA’s modern bracelets and necklaces. The right charm (say, a baby carriage with a pink or blue accent stone) commemorates a moment perfectly. And there’s nothing like starting someone out with a cord and her first charms.

3. Engrave – to raves. There’s something magical about a gift that carries a personal message (literally). Whether it’s a watch case or the border of a picture frame, adding a quote or even just “XO” and your name takes it to another level.

4.  Get the news. We love giving a newspaper from the day you met, or the day the giftee was born.  For a fun, bonus add-on, pick up a pair of luxe slippers or a chic welcome mat.

5. Make it happen. You have to love a handmade gift. But for those less-crafty types (guilty!), why not handcraft the card? It can be as easy as printing out an iPhone snap of the two of you, pasting it onto a simple notecard, and adding a sweet message with a Sharpie.

Our PANDORA Boutique opens on Saturday, November 24, at 11AM ET.

By Rachel Solomon, Associate Creative Director

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November 24, 2012

The reasons we love Ippolita? They’re pretty much endless. Besides the obviously stunning craftsmanship, each piece is infused with a high-fashion feel, taking inspiration from runway trends and everyday beauty. And the best part is, you’ll have the chance to win a $4,500 shopping spree to stock up on this ultra luxe loot.

So what would we choose if we won? Our eyes are on these three oh-so-perfect styles.

It’s the closest thing we’ve seen to a midnight sky – besides our middle-school trip to the planetarium. Pair with a slinky black dress to add just the right amount of color.

Ippolita Notte
Modern black silver spiked with gold. Does it get any sleeker? Not likely.

Ippolita Rosé
An armful of these bangles brings serious romance to any outfit. Just add candlelight and cue the compliments.

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November 8, 2012


Some relive memories through photos. Me? I reminisce through jewelry.

My grandmother always said jewelry tells stories, that it’s meant to be collected and loved – then passed down and loved again.  So every trip I take, I pick up some small bauble to remember it by. That Merino-glass pendant from the street vendor in Rome’s Trastevere. Those clinking little silver coin earrings from Lima. A teeny-tiny rose-gold-dipped shell from my annual summer trip to Cape Cod.

And when I’m not traveling? I look for jewelry that has stories of its own. Case in point: John Hardy’s nature-inspired, handcrafted-in-Bali pieces. Luxurious enough to have that “it” factor now and with the fine attention to detail needed to be passed down through generations, they’re the kind of pieces that are meant for celebrating (and remembering) landmark occasions – no photo album required.

Our John Hardy Boutique opens Thursday, October 18, at 11AM ET.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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October 18, 2012


If you ask me, when it comes to what types of necklaces go best with each neckline, I say – almost anything goes. High crewneck? Layer on the long beads. Plunging V-neck? Show it off with a sparkly number that hits right at the collar bone.

Bear in mind that with accessory freedom, comes great responsibility to avoid fashion no nos. These cardinal rules may be few, but they are the difference between genius pairings and accidental appearances on the “don’t” pages of a tabloid.

The Rules:


  1. The choker had its time (circa 1996), but it has since taken the backseat in today’s wardrobe. As a general rule, I say stay away, but if you’re working with a deep V neckline, I say lock it in a vault and sink it in the ocean. Deep necklines and chokers don’t mix.
  2. Make sure your necklace ends ½-1 inch above the beginning of your neckline (this doesn’t apply to long necklaces, of course). Partially covered jewels can look sloppy.
  3. If you’re petite, avoid long necklaces if possible. They tend to accentuate your short stature. If you’re like me and simply must wear them, make sure you layer them with lots of different lengths to pull the eye up.



  1. A classic word of advice: mimic your neckline with your necklace. This is always a fail-proof way to complement your neck, no matter how much (or how little) you’re trying to show.
  2. Save your most statement-making neck candy for simple necklines, be it a crewneck or strapless. I’m partial to keeping the top neutral so my necklace is the real focal point, but play with different patterns to find your favorite combo.
  3. Double up. Triple up. Quadruple up. Seriously, one is never enough in my opinion.


By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

What are your necklace-pairing tips? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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September 26, 2012


As the summer season winds down (le sigh), my heart is begging to cozy up in chunky fall knits and to layer, layer, layer. Obviously, my heart doesn’t care that it’s still almost 80 degrees outside. The solution? Jewelry layering – and I’m not alone. Delicious stacks of arm candy are the regular at the Rue offices, and lately, I’ve noticed this cleverly piled-on look has worked its way up to necklines. Hooray! I have gobs of necklaces hanging in my closet just begging to be mixed, paired, and mingled with abandon. Taking cues from the Rue girls, here’s how to get the look:

1. Balance the dainty with the substantial. Oversized statement necklaces perk up light, gold-spun strands. So simple.

2. Mix lengths. Start with necklaces that hit close to your collarbone, then work your way down with baubles that hang lower.

3. Add just one more. Once you think you’ve layered your necklaces just right, try adding one more. To your surprise, it may look even better. And if it doesn’t, simply take it off. No harm done.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

Do you layer your neckwear? Are you going to try? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala

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August 28, 2012



nOir jewelry is a favorite among our editors to use in high-impact editorial photo shoots – not to mention glamming up their daily uniforms. We checked in with Fashion and Shopping Editor Sydney Wasserman for the inside scoop on the must-have jewelry line that has her whole office (and ours!) buzzing.

Rue La La: A lot of the nOir pieces are very bold (we’re talking animal shapes and serious spikes) – can people incorporate such statement jewelry into their everyday style?
Sydney: With particularly large statement jewelry, it’s all about fit. A heavy necklace shouldn’t look heavy when you’re wearing it, and it shouldn’t protrude from your dress in an awkward or uncomfortable way. Pay attention to the cut of your clothes and the particular jewelry that you’re pairing it with. For example, if it’s a collar necklace, your shirt’s neckline should be cut high or much lower. And if it’s a stack of thick bracelets, you don’t want your sleeve hanging over them.

Rue La La: When wearing a really loud item, do you usually style the rest of your outfit really simply or do you go all out in an equally daring ensemble?
Sydney: I don’t think women need to wear plain clothes in order to pull off statement jewelry. But the jewelry should flow with the silhouette of the outfit, not create two separate statements.
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April 27, 2011

Jewelry. Inspired.

We know what inspires us to buy jewelry. Love. Either for someone else or for our fabulous self. But what inspires jewelers? Here’s a look at three jewelers we love (all with pieces in our Jewelry to Love Boutique) and a window into what inspired some of their latest pieces.  

Paige Novick: The Devinn Bracelet
Paige, a Francophile, has long been inspired by her studies in Paris. A student of art history at the Sorbonne, she interned at Chanel working directly with the great Karl Lagerfeld.
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February 5, 2010