This fall, not one, but two big designers have thrown their hats into the beauty arena. Going head-to-head off the runway, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors have both created eponymous makeup lines.


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September 19, 2013

New York Fashion Week saw its fair share of colors come down the runway, but seafoam green and blush pink were the ones that really caught the Rue team’s eyes. In fact, our Fashion Director and Lead Copy Director have been battling it out over which one will be the color of the season ever since. Check out each of their stances below, then decide for yourself. (As for me, I’m staying impartial. They are my bosses, after all.)


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September 13, 2013

I love animal prints. They’re always in style, always look sophisticated, and are an easy way to break up an all-black ensemble. So, when I started to notice giraffe prints popping up on both the runway and street, I was a little more than intrigued. Bolder than a zebra print and more fun than a leopard print, this exotic pattern makes a statement like no other.


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September 12, 2013

I’ve never been one to show a lot of skin – I typically gravitate toward things that are voluminous and flowy. In fact, I think I was sixteen the last time I wore anything stomach-revealing. So why am I so tempted to try out the new crop-top trend? Granted, these aren’t your 80s tops that require a six-pack and gold chains (unless, of course, you’re Rihanna). No, the new breed of micro tops are sexy yet subtle and show just a sliver of skin. Thinking of testing the midriff-baring waters? Take you style cues from these fashion-forward celebrities – I know I am.


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September 5, 2013

Picking the perfect autumn outfit? Easy. We just turn to Rue Fashion Director (and seasoned style guru) Jackie Nasser.

Below, she’s pieced together a complete look for the upcoming season – right down to the very last bangle. We suggest copying it to a T. She won’t mind. Promise.


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September 4, 2013

I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed – and it takes a lot for me to become obsessed with someone’s style. But if there’s one person we should all be taking style cues from, it’s Russia’s pint-sized It girl and Buro 24/7 editor, Miroslava (Mira) Duma. JackieSays_08-29-13

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August 29, 2013

Only a handful of fashion items ever make it to iconic status. Among the few: Hermès’s Birkin bag, Burberry’s trench, DVF’s wrap dress, and, of course, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara shoe, which turned 35 this summer.


Photos via Salvatore Ferragamo

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August 22, 2013

While a lot of our favorite celebrities – Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, and Beyoncé, just to name a few –  have made the leap into the fashion world, one I didn’t see coming was Cameron Diaz. But in a surprising move, she’s stepped up as Artistic Director of Pour La Victoire (a Rue favorite).


Not only will Diaz be designing handbags and shoes, but as a co-owner of the label, she’ll also be involved with the brand’s creative, marketing, and advertising.

“I don’t do endorsements really. This is completely different. Being influential in a brand and in its [advertising] campaigns interests me,” Diaz told “I love fashion. It’s a large part of my life. What I wear is looked at. It influences what other people wear because that’s just the world we live in.”

One thing’s for sure: with Cam’s A-lister friends, these new Pour La Victoire designs are about to get a lot of exposure.

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Jackie Nasser joined Rue La La as Fashion Director in November of 2012. In close collaboration with the merchandising teams, she leads content production for lookbooks, style tips, and curated Boutiques. Jackie is the former Lead Editor for InStyle’s sister shopping site,, which she launched. Prior to that, she served as Senior Fashion Editor at Lucky and at ELLEgirl, ELLE Accessories, and

August 15, 2013