If you have a Twitter account, chances are you’re following Aliza Licht. As the voice behind more than one insanely popular account, her fan base is at half a million and counting. Lucky for all of us glued to her feed, this week marks the release of her first book, Leave Your Mark, AKA 288 pages of no-nonsense advice and inspiration.

Aliza Licht
This past week, we had the chance to sit down with Aliza and ask her 5 questions – each to be answered in a tweet-worthy 140 characters or less. So grab a pen. You’re going to want to take notes. Continue reading “Real Talk: An Interview with Fashion PR Maven Aliza Licht” »

May 4, 2015


Five-Minute Powwow with Rebecca Puig

When it comes to heartfelt artwork, artist Rebecca Puig knows her stuff. From touching prints to sentiment pillows, she creates pieces every room can benefit from. Here, we caught up with her to talk inspiration and interior design.

Rue La La: Your artwork is incredible. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Rebecca: I get inspiration from my children’s art, nature, animals, words, messages, and symbols – and in unlikely and strange places.

Rue La La: Your company has grown so much since first launching in 2002. What’s in store for the future of Sugarboo?
Rebecca: We are super-excited about the new ceramic line I am doing with my mom. She is a talented artist and introduced me to ceramics 20 years ago. It’s a really sweet line and all the sweeter because my mom is part of it.

Rue La La: The quotes in your pieces are so touching and inspirational. How do you choose them? Is there a personal story behind each one?
Rebecca: If a message gives me one of those aha moments Oprah likes to talk about or if I get goose bumps then I want to share that with everyone else. I don’t always have a personal story for each one, but only know they somehow reached my core.

Rue La La: What are your tips for displaying a really great piece of artwork (like yours)?
Rebecca: I think it is important to enjoy your favorite art every day, so I would say to always put your favorite pieces in your most highly trafficked areas so they are really a part of your everyday life – sometimes putting a fancy painting in the mudroom or a rustic painting in the dining room creates a more interesting juxtaposition anyway.

Rue La La: I imagine your house to have amazing décor – can you tell me a little bit about it?
Rebecca: I love telling my family’s story in our house and I think I have every possible design taste under the sun – quirky, fun, serious, folky, modern, rustic. I love to mix them all because I feel like I am all those things. I have never decorated around a painting, but that is not a bad idea!

Our Sugarboo Designs Boutique opens Wednesday, January 2, at 11AM ET.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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January 2, 2013

When it comes to luxe extras, this designer has the magic touch. From her structured satchels to her calf hair loafers, Elaine Turner churns out the investment accessories every ensemble (from jeans and a tee to LBDs) can benefit from. Here, we caught up with the handbag guru to talk must-have add-ons and festive dressing.

Rue La La: Your line is incredible. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Elaine: I’m always inspired by exotic destinations and locales and my collection has a real global spirit. This season is a little closer to home and inspired by Ali MacGraw and Wellesley and Cambridge. The collection is about strong shapes, structure, and that feminine meets masculine feel.

Rue La La: If you had to describe the Elaine Turner style in three words, what would they be?
Elaine: Feminine. Glamorous. Classic.
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November 8, 2012

Rachel RoyWildly chic and completely on the pulse of women’s sartorial cravings, Rachel Roy is a force to be reckoned with. The New York-based designer has made quite a name for herself in the fashion world, turning out collection after collection of strong, incredibly wearable pieces. Here, we sat down with the fashion favorite for a few questions.

Rue La La: We imagine you were born stylish. Tell us how you got your start in fashion.
Rachel: I had wanted to be a designer since I was 8 years old. While back-to-school shopping, I realized that I wasn’t happy with the selection I had to choose from and decided to do something about it myself. My first job was in retail at the age of 14, and I’ve worked in the industry ever since. When I moved on to the more behind-the-scenes side in licensing, I got a firm understanding of the business side of fashion which helped me to build the foundation to eventually start my own company.

Rue La La: You always look so put-together. Do you have any guiding rules for your personal style?
Rachel: I love mixing things – hard and soft, masculine and feminine. I mix prints, colors, and textures and take risks by trying new things. My style tends to lean toward the classic side, but there is always a twist. If I have a simple, feminine dress on then I will wear a strong statement piece of jewelry to balance it out.
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August 3, 2011

David Leaser

Two things we love: bright, bold flowers and exquisite, museum-quality art. So we were more than thrilled to sit down with artist David Leaser whose innovative techniques produce museum archive quality pieces and bring a whole new (wildly detailed) life to flowers.

Rue La La: In our Rue Style Report: Brights For The Home Boutique, we’re featuring your limited-edition dramatic botanicals. What’s the background for these pieces?
David: I had just finished work on the book, “Tropical Gardens of Hawaii,” and was visiting the Huntington Library and museum in California. They were exhibiting a collection of artwork from Frederic Church, one of my favorite painters from the 19th century. Many of the works featured his trip to the Amazon and Andes in Ecuador. When I left the exhibit, I started thinking, “Maybe I should go to South America and retrace Frederic Church’s footsteps.”

Rue La La: And did you actually go?
David: I hopped on a plane and went to Ecuador. When I was deep in the Amazon, I started taking primitive photos of the small flowers on the floor of the rainforest. I was struck by these little ecosystems. When I came back to Los Angeles, I tried to recreate this “bees-eye” view. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to perfect my craft to create highly detailed images.
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July 19, 2011



Miguelina is known for her ultra-feminine designs: romantic textures, airy colors, and international allure. Her Fall 2010 collection (which our selection comes from) is inspired by the Spanish dancers depicted in Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador’s book, Mil Besos, and gets a shot of edge. We touched base with Miguelina herself to get her take on style, inspiration, and travel.

Rue La La: What is about the Spanish dancers that you found so enticing during design for your Fall 2010 collection?
Miguelina: The passion of the Flamenco dancers and the freedom of their expression. I responded to the way Ruven captured their spirit through his work.

Rue La La: What are other sources of inspiration for your line?
Miguelina: I usually gain a lot of inspiration from my travels, but this season was mainly influenced by Ruven Afanador’s work. It inspired me to incorporate a bit of edge to my own creative vision.
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December 13, 2010



We love the deliciously readable book, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo. So we were (very) excited to get the author’s takes on modern icons, personal style, and the state of fashion. (Like us on Facebook and read the entire interview in our Notes.)

Rue La La: The Gospel is more than just a biography, it’s almost a self-help guide – did you set out with that mission in mind?
Karen: Absolutely. One of my abiding interests in female icons is why they continue to be iconic. What is it about their lives that continues to hold our attention? Chanel’s life was immensely satisfying and she lived it exactly as she wanted, decade in, decade out. I was fascinated by what we might learn about the way she lived that that would enrich our lives. I joked to someone that The Gospel was “a biography for a self-absorbed time,” but I wasn’t kidding!
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October 28, 2010



We love reading about interesting people on The WanderLustrous, a fashion and lifestyle blog by Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin (who happens to be the current Mrs. India North America). Recently, she interviewed our own Style Editor, Rachel Solomon. Check out the Q&A via the link below for Rachel’s go-to style staples and fashion philosophy. And look for our upcoming Master Classes by Rachel and other Rue La La style experts – where we’ll share our tips on all things style-related.

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April 30, 2010


Meet Maria Gangemi, Director of Brand Management of Accessories and Footwear at Rue La La. A seasoned buyer whose taste level is through the roof, Maria speaks softly and carries a big sense of style. She can spy multi-ply cashmere from 100 yards. She knows every trend before it’s even a trend. She can pack in five minutes to go anywhere in the world and find the hottest thing out there with two hands tied behind her back.

Rue La La: When you go to say, Milan, what are you looking for?
Gangemi: Usually in Milan we’re looking at handbags and shoes. You look for freshness. Who looks good. What’s new, something we don’t have. You look at creativity. Shapes. Ornamentation. Things that look handcrafted. Materials that are special and unique.
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February 19, 2010


Bernhardt A room Alex loves

It’s high time to feather our nest, so we went right to the source. Alex Bernhardt, whose furniture company bears his name and earns praise for its modern refinement, shares a room he loves, a little of his design sensibility, and more.

Rue La La: Who has made a huge impact on you in this industry?
ABJ: My father, Alex Bernhardt, Sr., CEO and Chairman of our company.
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February 11, 2010