Fact: I have an Instagram obsession. I arrange my desk just so before snapping a photo (have to make sure my Vogue and venti Starbucks cup are both visible), debate over filters for way longer than I care to admit, and still get a rush when I’ve gained a follower. But before you judge me – I don’t do selfies. So really, I’m not that bad.

All About Instagram Direct

But now, with the rollout of Instagram Direct, I fear my addiction is about to grow worse. What is Instagram Direct? Essentially, it’s Snapchat-meets-Instagram. With the new technology, you can choose to send your photos and videos to certain friends rather than publish for everyone to see. Say you snap a pic only a few followers will find hilarious. Instead of publishing said photo and getting less than – gasp – 11 likes, you can just send it to the friends that will love it. So those shameless bathroom selfies? Who knows, maybe I’ll even partake.

Learn more about Instagram Direct on Mashable.com.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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December 12, 2013