Amp Up Your Denim Arsenal for Spring

Give your indigo pairs a rest and try out the season's boldest jeans

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Spring is in the air – and if it’s not in your closet just yet, now’s the perfect time to add a little color. Bold denim gets a fresh update this season with brighter brights, girly pastels, and polished patterns. Still a little weary of straying from your tried-and-true baby blues? Here’s a few tips for easing into this unconventional denim trend:

1. Keep extras neutral.
Go for a monochromatic look (everywhere besides the pants) by wearing an allover black, white, or tan ensemble and letting your jeans be the focal point of the outfit.

2. Swap in color at the last minute.
Try putting together an outfit with indigo denim, then trade in those jeans for a brightly hued pair instead. You won’t feel confused or held back by color.

3. Have fun with it.
Play with patterns, stripes, or metallics on top (or on foot) for a pop of personality. And don’t shy away from jewelry – a red ring paired with red jeans can tie the whole look together.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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March 10, 2013

Pairing Boots with Denim

Reinventing fashion's favorite duo, in four ways

My love for boots and jeans? It spans seasons (and closets). With their ability to take outfits from rugged to western or work-ready to formal, every wardrobe should be equipped with a few favorite pairs of each. So, before you trade in this twosome for gladiator sandals and shorts, here are four ways to wear it now.
BLG-1179Studs & Stripes
Most who master roll-out-of-bed chic (you know: tousled hair, ripped jeans, off-the-shoulder tee) try really hard at it. The fabulous thing about these moto boots? They make it so you don’t have to. And jeans with a rad dye job are casual without looking messy. With a little less draping and a little more shampoo, I’m loving this look.

Cuff It Up
If you’re willing to forgo bum-hugging denim every once in a while, buy your jeans one size up for a relaxed look (and feel). Cuff them and add ankle boots or shooties (they’re a thing) and show a little skin.

Seek New Heights
Too soon for coral-toned denim? Not so. Okay, so these are cords, but all the more reason to wear them in winter. And with these outback-meets-urban-chic mid-calf platforms (loving the pull straps), this look is staple transition wear.

Bend the Rules
For some, the blue denim-on-denim is western-wardrobe amazingness. For others, it’s somewhat of a work in progress. Find an alternative to the ever-elusive Texas tuxedo with white or colored jeans and cowboy-beige boots. And before you even think it, let me be clear: it’s never too early (or late) to wear white.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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January 11, 2013