The Fitting Room Cutoffs
So, it’s decided. You have a pair of jeans. And you want a pair of cutoffs. Easy. The only question: What length should you cut?

Classic Shorts
Where to cut: 3 – 5 inches above the knee (mark this spot while wearing the jeans).
The best jeans: Loose, tight – either works. Try a printed pair for extra punch.
Your guide: This style looks great cuffed, too – and this how-to is proof.

Bermuda Shorts
Where to cut: Right above the knee.
The best jeans: Tight-fitting jeans – rolled at the bottom to hide that cutoff fray – look great as Bermudas.
The guide: Best done with jeans that do not stretch.

Short Shorts
Where to cut: Give yourself a 2 – 3 inch inseam.
The best jeans: Tight ones. Looser jeans run the risk of exposing what needn’t be exposed.
Your guide: Read up here before you get to cutting.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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July 22, 2013