Confession: I don’t own an iron.

Yes, I know – as a person who gets giddy over the simple idea of a new piece of clothing, this is odd. But let’s be clear. It’s not my fault. A long-ago roommate owned a steamer. It was a glorious, mightily powerful contraption, an absolute guarantee that my office wear was Betty Draper–polished. I adored it. Was spoiled by it. And no iron has ever (I mean ever) lived up to its glory.

But life goes on. Behold, five ways to banish wrinkles without that go-to smoother: proof that, as scary as it may seem, you can look utterly flawless after the iron (or steamer, or whatnot) has been laid to rest… or, less dramatically – forgotten.

Iron-free wrinkle solutions

No blow-dryer, wrinkle releaser, flat iron, shower, or dryer in sight? Relax. You can also spray your garment with water and simply slap the wrinkles out – an aggressive, elbow-greasy approach (don’t say I didn’t warn you). Yet still, a means to the same smooth end.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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May 20, 2013