Life moves fast (deep, I know). Chasing the bus down the street and getting to work on time is a daily challenge in itself. In an effort to slow the pace, I encourage you to rediscover the magic that is a bath. Spoon in a few scoops of these vanilla eucalyptus bath salts, light a candle or two,  and inhale the soothing aromas.


A few helpful tips: Skip the first step and pick up a large jar of combined Epsom and Dead Sea salts at the craft store for only a few dollars. Also, if you don’t love the smell of eucalyptus, use any type of dried herb or flower (like lavender or rosemary). Finally, I used the same coloring and fragrance as I did for this DIY soap, so if you have any left over, save yourself the extra trip.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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March 13, 2013