Big Buddha “Blaire” Zip WristletThe friend who loses everything in that big tote? Make her life a little easier with this zip-around wristlet that just so happens to be the perfect size for her phone, wallet, and lip gloss.

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December 19, 2012


We all have them – those friends with interests so specific, they make shopping quite a challenge. Fear not! We have just the things to save the day. Below, some incredibly thoughtful (and totally luxe) picks for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones.

Card shark: They always beat you at Gin Rummy, but this deck is a sure way to upstage their card-game prowess.

World traveler: This paperweight will inspire hours of daydreaming about their trailblazing adventures (even when chained to a desk).

Fashion fanatic: Why limit snow globes to places they’ve visited? This treasure showcases the greatest love of all – Louis Vuitton.

Game-night hostess: These logo-emblazoned Dominoes are the perfect way to subtly remind game-night participants that their hostess has incredible taste.

Stylish academic: Sure, it may not be the most functional globe in the world. But it’s got style – and isn’t that what counts most?

For these unique treasures (and many more luxe accessories), check out our From the Reserve: Accessories by Hermes & More Boutique, opening Saturday, December 15, at 11AM ET.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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December 15, 2012


When celebrating the holidays away from home, traveling with toys in tow can be a bit of a struggle. Whether you decide to pack, ship, or carry-on your gifts, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you avoid any unnecessary travel headaches.

To Wrap, or Not to Wrap?
Wrapped gifts are allowed in carry-ons and checked luggage, but keep in mind that TSA officials reserve the right to undo all your handiwork during security inspections. Gifts in your checked luggage are less likely to be unwrapped, but your best bet is to save the wrapping for your arrival – unless you’re flying on Virgin Atlantic, who (for just $2 per package) will wrap presents for departing passengers who have gone through security.

The Outlaws.
Wrapped or unwrapped, toys that resemble weapons are a no-no. And the same goes for sports equipment like baseball bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks. Liquids are also prohibited – and yes, that even includes snow globes. For a full list of restricted items, go here.

Ship, Ship, Hooray!
Unlike your airline, FedEx Ground® includes insurance and tracking – so in most cases, you’re probably better off if FedEx loses your gift than if your airline does (plus, you can wrap them). Another smart idea is to order gifts online (Rue La La, anyone?) and have them shipped directly to your destination.

Home Sweet Home.
Remember, getting there is just half the battle. To bring the gifts you received back home, pack an extra duffle in your suitcase and surround fragile items with clothing.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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December 12, 2012

1. Madewell’s color code has us seeing the holidays in every shade.

2. This is how we think of December, too – lots of sweets and presents.

3. Wondering what to wear to your holiday party? This Pinterest board has plenty of options.

4. Every holiday fête is going to need some colorfully themed treats.

5. What is it about a snowy landscape that’s just so magical?

Can’t get enough Pinterest inspiration? Check out past boards that caught our eye.  

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December 11, 2012


Meet Maureen, an Event Producer on our Living team. She puts together our home-centric Boutiques, making sure that each and every part of the event (from the initial photo shoot to the finishing touches) goes off without a hitch. Check out the gifts she’s picked for those lucky enough to make her list. (Don’t I wish I was her cubemate!)

For my mom: “I love that these are classic but modern, and will carry through year after year.”

For my boyfriend: “He has a bar that he inherited from his grandfather, and this would be great for entertaining on it.”

For my cubemates: “My team is awesome and they all deserve some sweet treats around the holiday season.”

Find all these gifts (and lots, lots more) on Rue now.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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December 7, 2012


Afire Four-Piece Complete Steak Smokin’ & Grilling Set. Your uncle doesn’t let anyone else man the grill (ever) so why not let him in on a little grilling secret? Behold: the surefire way to keep your plate first in line for that cooked-to-perfection steak (he’ll thank you in lots and lots of BBQ goodness).

The Get Gifty: Our Holiday Gift Shop Boutique is now open.

December 7, 2012

Break out those Playskool xylophones – based on Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carey’s rendition of “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” elementary school music toys are the only things you need to create some holiday magic. Okay, and maybe a pop star with a fabulous voice…

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December 6, 2012


Waterford Set of Four “Train” Ornaments. No matter how many trees you see, Nana’s will always be the best. And these train ornaments? The (crystal) cherry on top.

 The Get Gifty: Our Holiday Gift Shop Boutique is now open.

December 6, 2012


Mom, Dad, the dog? They’re the easy ones. But when it comes to shopping for the people you rely on every day, but don’t know so well – well, that’s when things really get tough. From your favorite barista (if getting you through the morning isn’t heroic, I don’t know what is) to your personal trainer, this gifting guide has you covered.

Postal Carrier
Did you know the U.S. Postal Service restricts the types of gifts your postal carrier can accept? True story. Cash, alcohol, and gifts valued over $20 are a no-no. So, go with something simple like a warm scarf set for bitter winter days or a coffee gift card for early mornings on the job.

The Babysitter
Whether your babysitter is in high school or college, you can bet they’re into electronics. And a sparkly iPhone® case or iPad® cover is the perfect way to make sure he or she won’t cancel last minute, leaving you stranded at home with the kiddos.

Your Favorite Barista
For getting my coffee just right at 7AM, I would give my barista a million dollars if I could. But since my pockets don’t run that deep, a little something sweet (like gourmet cookies) are a great way to say, “Thanks for getting my sugar-to-soy-milk ratio right every time.” Plus, it gives them the chance to sample treats other than the ones they dish out everyday.

Your Kid’s Teacher
Sure, the tag reads “from” your little one, but we all know it’s the parents who end up doing the heavy lifting on the gifting front. This year, rather than their millionth red apple ornament, give them something they’ll actually put to use, like a coffee-to-go mug.

Your Personal Trainer
Let’s face it. When someone’s this in shape, they’re probably a big sports fanatic. So, as a thanks for keeping all those extra holiday pounds off, gift them a piece of memorabilia from their favorite team.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

What are you gifting your everyday unsung heros? Share your ideas in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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December 5, 2012

Even if you feel prepped and ready for the most wonderful time of the year, there’s always room for a little extra holiday merriment. As the weeks of winter progress, here are some creative decorating ideas to add some cheer to your home (before the relatives arrive).

Tree-mium Seating
Working with less-than-ideal square footage? (Or just have lots of gifts to give?) Host a smaller tree on a sideboard, coffee table, or – if it’s a tiny tree – mantel. Feel free to choose an unexpected color palette, like Eddie Ross’s blues and greens (or golds), then coordinate your wrapping paper and ornaments for pleasing décor the whole season through.

Card Collection
For years, my family hung holiday cards from friends and family around the kitchen door – with tape. Now that my mother has a mantel, she decided to rescue the paint on the walls by creating a mitten-themed cardholder with string and colorful clothespins – kind of like this one. Or, welcome guests in style with a wrought-iron or modern metal trellis decked in ribbon-tied cards and displayed with a wreath hanger.

Sweet Tooth
There are oldies-but-goodies – loading one coffee-table dish with edibles and a corresponding bowl with bright, round ornaments, for example – but for a change of (decorative) pace, try filling attractive glassware with white sugar, mini marshmallows, and old-fashioned candy sticks, or crafting candy topiaries with mints, gummies, foam, and quick-dry glue (substitute double-sided tape to make future snacking easier).

Festive Lighting
You can’t go wrong with candles. Create some ice vases, fill them with tea lights or votives, and pair them with a burning yule log – be it in your fireplace, or on your TV or computer screen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

What are some of your favorite, tried-and-true decorating ideas? Share them in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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December 5, 2012