We’re bringing you the freshest ways to wear spring trends. And now it’s the men’s turn. Here’s how to…

Make a T-shirt look unique: “I always look for T-shirts that are a little tighter at the arms. If it bells out at all, I cuff the sleeves to give it a cool 50’s vibe. Try wearing a chain – nothing tacky – never gold. In the winter, I like to layer a longsleeve shirt underneath. You can always wear a vest or blazer over a T to dress it up a bit, or sometimes I even wear a tighter T with suspenders because its fun. Another trick I do is take a wet T shirt, roll it up in a ball, wrap elastics around it and let it dry, so when you put it on it has a cool wrinkled look.” – Evan, Stylist
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February 9, 2010