Let’s get some shoes. (Remember that viral video? Never gets old.)

1. Christian Louboutins make us see red. Red soles, that is.

2. Sparkles. Bows. Chunky heels. Bring on the Miu Mius.

3. You can always count on Charlotte Olympia designs to look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.

4. Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes? Manolo Blahniks.

5. What would we do without (Jimmy) Choo

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January 7, 2014

It’s no secret that we here at Rue are kind of obsessed with everything style- and fashion-related. So when our semi-annual Shoe La La Boutique rolls around, you can bet we’re indulging in some major shoe lust. Here, a few of Rue’s most shoe-savvy associates reveal what they’re hoping to add to their collections, stat.


Giuseppe Zanotti leather rose peep-toe pumps. For the days I need a little extra edge on my game.”
– Bev C., Product Analyst 

“The Lanvin bow-tie patent leather pump. The bow adds a ladylike touch and the heel is enough to put the perfect stride in my step.”
– Meredith G., Senior Corporate Concierge

“I’m loving Charlotte Olympia‘s quirky designs. I firmly believe your shoes should make you smile. And with the dainty ankle strap, this pair will be in heavy rotation now through fall.”
– Sam D., Senior Copywriter

“Bruno Magli’s ‘Muznio’ canvas loafer. It’s right on trend for summer and I can see myself dressing it up or down with white pants or light-colored denim.”
– Hung L., Associate Creative Director

“The Fratelli Rossetti patent penny loafer. Dark blue is a great addition to your wardrobe, easy to match but unexpected.”
– Tom W., Vice President of User Experience

Shoe La La: Our Semi-Annual Women’s Sale, Shoe la La: Our Semi-Annual Men’s Sale, and Shoe La La: Steals Under $20, $30, & $40 Boutiques open Wednesday, July 31, at 11AM ET.

By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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July 31, 2013

Think heels are just for women? Think again. Designer Rad Hourani shares his thoughts on heels for men, known as meels:

We Couldn't Have Said It Better

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April 5, 2013

While a shoe addiction obviously needs zero justification, sometimes those not-totally-mainstream heels do – when worn during certain occasions.

And who is well-versed in operating outside the norm? None other than Betsey Johnson, of course. Using her sky-high stunners as guides (all plucked from our Betsey Johnson Boutique), here are three different ways to walk on the edge of the unexpected – while staying completely dress code–friendly.


Dominating the workplace. As long as that clean, classic shape is in place, you’re good. (So go wild with the color.)

Fulfilling that wedding invite. From barn venues to black ties, a super-femme, architectural heel like this one will always fit in.

Tickets to The NutcrackerMetalheads, rejoice: Spikey studs totally count as festive attire.

Our Betsey Johnson Boutique opens Tuesday, November 27, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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November 27, 2012

Today, in my usual morning flurry, I reached for my (very) predictable heels and noticed a sizeable tear in the leather (curse you, wide feet). It then occured to me: my beloved black pumps are beaten to a pulp from overwear, while my collection of purple heels sits sadly in my closet. Needless to say, it was an ah-ha moment. From neons to crayon hues, color is everywhere this summer, and it’s officially time to mix it up. Using these tips, I’ll show my purple shoe stash some love, without looking like I got a little too crazy with the finger paints.

1. Pop of color:
In the summer it’s so easy to throw on a little white or black sundress with sandals and go. Choosing a color-pop sandal breaks up the monochrome with a shot of fun. Same rule applies to any neutral outfit, wearing jeans and a tee? Throw on a red heel. Done.

2. Matchy-Matchy:
This takes the above tip a little further. Don’t stop with the bold shoes, add some accessories, jewelry, a lightweight cardigan, or even a boyfriend blazer in the same eye-popping hue. Or, if you’re wearing a colorful print, pick one of the accent shades and repeat it on your shoes. Shoes in a print? Pull out one of the colors and wear it on top.

3. Colorblock:
I’ll admit, this is my favorite. Too timid to try kelly green jeans with a sky blue top? Shoes are the perfect way to embrace this look. Try a hue that complements your outfit, but doesn’t necessarily match it. For inspiration, check out these unexpected color combinations.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

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July 31, 2012


Surviving New York City

Kimberly Garrett is the owner of Plush, a styling and personal shopping company in New York and the Hamptons. In honor of Rue Local’s official debut in the city of non-stop style, we sat down with the fashion lover for her tips on living (chicly) in the Big Apple.

Rue La La: How do you get seats at the most-coveted fashion shows?
Kimberly: If you’re not with the press, getting a seat at any fashion show can be tough. The good news is that designers like Ralph Lauren are now doing live streaming, so you get to see the collection at the same moment as the editors. Otherwise, various fashion houses offer seats to their shows through charity auctions, so if you’re dying to attend the show and haven’t received an invitation you can support a great cause AND go to the show.

Rue La La: What are your secrets for wearing heels all day long?
Kimberly: I have three. First off, always buy shoes you can walk in. In fact, you want to feel like you can almost jog in them without falling. If you live in the city you could easily end up walking 20 blocks in a day. And if walking in heels is a problem, always have flats in your bag to switch back and forth (nobody even looks twice when you switch them on the street – and it beats limping around). Second, find your personal best fit. Pop into the shoe department of Barneys and try on as many different designer shoes as you can. Once you find a pair that are super comfortable, try on a few more styles from that designer. That way, you’ll find your go-to brand. And lastly, hit the drugstore. If you find your feet hurting from wearing shoes for hours on end, BANDAID makes a product that protects the skin on your foot and instantly makes shoes feel more comfortable. Otherwise, Dr. Scholl’s has foldable flats for when you want to change your shoes at the end of the night.
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May 19, 2011


Stilettos got their name from the Italian word for “dagger” (and if you’ve ever been stepped on by one, you know why). The stiletto made its debut on the Christian Dior runway in 1955, designed by none other than shoe genius Roger Vivier. Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood starlets helped make the stiletto infamous. Whenever I have to get dressed up, my motto is “the higher the better.” If you’re going to wear them, wear them well. And never let the shoes wear you. Here’s how.

Stand up straight
Posture is so important, especially when wearing stilettos. Follow these simple rules: 1. Hold your chin up. 2. Make sure your shoulders are down and wide (not up by your ears). 3. Suck in your stomach. 4. Tuck your butt in (no arch in your back, it’s all in the muscles). 5. Straighten and elongate your spine. 6. Straighten your legs (but don’t over-straighten so that your legs are concave). Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga classes are amazing for help in this area because they deal with lengthening muscles, finding your center, and developing your core strength – all of which lead to better posture.
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April 23, 2010