Unlike that VHS your mom still works out to, this is what’s new and now on the fitness scene.


1. Apple Watch to Replace Your Fitness Tracker

Apple seemingly dominates every tech-related arena. So maybe it’s no surprise that, with the recent release of the Apple Watch, your fitness tracker might just find its way into the junk drawer. The timepiece tracks daily activity and calories burned, but it also factors in the quality of those movements with a heart rate and elevation monitor. That post-work hill you trek? Prepare to get major props from Siri.

2. “Mindful” Triathlons on the Rise

A “mindful” triathlon is a 5k run followed by meditation and a massive outdoor yoga class. But you can also count on a healthy amount of live music and good food. Even those who haven’t laced up a pair of sneaks in awhile (ahem, me) can see the appeal of this next-level fun run. If you’re interested in joining, Wanderlust 108 has upcoming stops in Atlanta, Austin, and Aspen.

3. Eating Healthy Can Be Easy

We’ve all scanned aisle after aisle of Whole Foods, hunting for good-for-you products that we actually like. Welp, here’s the solution: meet Conscious Box. This monthly subscription box service is packed with eight to twelve non-GMO surprises, from Wave Bar baked apple bars to soap berries by Naturally Green. There are even vegan and gluten-free options, too.

Check it out for yourself. Our Conscious Box Boutique opened Thursday, September 18, at 11AM ET.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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September 18, 2014

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Tara Stiles
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Rue La La: Why yoga?
Tara: Yoga actively combines the body and the mind. Regular practice puts you in touch with your intuition, so you get a radiantly healthy body from the inside out – and a sharp, active mind. And if that doesn’t convince people, I tell them yoga reverses the aging process – it’s true!
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Smooth, soft skin is healthy skin. And it’s very achievable.

Cover your head. Avoid excessive UV exposure – use Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20 for protection and Sunless Tanning Bronzer for a healthy glow.

Clean your face at least once a day. But bars of soap are too harsh no matter what the moisturizing claims. Surfactants, ingredients that produce foam in liquid products like shampoo and soap, are extremely drying. Choose non-foaming cleansers that don’t strip the top layer of oil from the skin.
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