Whoa, not so fast with those cobwebs. We know, you thought they’d artfully adorn the doorway, when really – no matter which way you stretch them – they’re a tacky mess in the end. Turn to an expert for this one. Here, lifestyle maven extraordinaire Annie Dean lends décor tips (and a festive drink recipe) for a Halloween soiree that is, as she says, “heavy on style and light on silly extras.”

The Festive Drink
The White Lady is a famous classic cocktail in the Sidecar family, in this case inspired by the 18th-century ghost of the same name who haunts Union Cemetery in my hometown.

October 9, 2013

Happy Halloween! Whether you’re spending the evening passing out treats or taking the young ones for a costumed stroll around the neighborhood, your kitchen is soon to become a repository for piles of fun-sized goodies. But before the kids chomp it all down, borrow a handful for your own use – and share in the sugar high.

Fall Recipes: Get Creative with Halloween Candy


Sweet Salad
Remember Waldorf salad? This easy-to-prepare candy bar apple salad has the same idea – luscious flavors doused in a creamy dressing. Rather than the Waldorf’s classic combination of grapes, walnuts, and marshmallows, this one uses apples, SNICKERS®, and vanilla pudding to create a caramel apple–flavored treat.

Substitute with abandon to suit your tastes (or your pantry). Some suggestions include using a mixture of SNICKERS and HEATH Toffee Bars, pears rather than apples, and different flavored puddings.

Delicious Drinks
When your little monsters return home with bags stuffed full of colored candies, look no further than Skittles®-infused vodka. With each flavor individually bottled and ready to drink, you won’t have to search for a sweet end-of-day treat. But if chocolate and peanut butter is more your style (or you’re only in the mood for a quick nip), try a peanut butter cup martini.

Bite-Sized Baking
No matter your preferred taste – sweet or salty, nuts or toffee – trick-or-treat bags are sure to offer a complement to every craving. Use sugar-loaded confections to create candy-recycler blondies, Halloween candy cookies, white chocolate candy corn cookie bars, peanut butter and toffee candy bark, or frozen peanut butter cup banana pops (the fruit makes them healthier, right?). With these desserts on hand, you’ll wish All Hallows’ Eve came around more than once a year.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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October 31, 2012

They’re creepy-looking for sure – and maybe don’t even look that appetizing – but I promise, these are a must for any Halloween soiree. Add a little cinnamon and be sure to place them next to the eyeballs (peeled grapes, of course) for the most dramatic effect.

By Emily Gibbons of LuckyLittleLove.com, Staff Writer

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October 19, 2012