Whether cousins are crashing or a college friend is coming to town, summertime is sure to be jam-packed with visitors. From fresh flowers to thank-you-for-coming gifts, these expert tips will have overnighters begging for an invite back.

How to Prepare for Guests

  1. Declutter the entryway so friends know right where to drop shoes and purses.
  2. Place a list of must-see sites on the bedside table (next to bottled water and fresh flowers).
  3. As a thank-you-for-coming, leave a small gift – like a scented candle or hand-painted tray – on the bed.
  4. Tape labels on the back of each remote with how-to-use instructions.
  5. Keep towels, toilet paper, and soaps in plain sight so guests don’t have to search.
  6. Preset the coffeemaker so overnighters wake up to a fresh brew.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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June 5, 2014

This is so much more than an “extra bedroom.” Just add a few thoughtful touches, and your guests’ space will feel like a retreat all on its own.Guest Room with Heart

A welcome note. You know how anything handwritten makes you feel. Pay it forward.

Suitcase rack. Whatever makes living out of a bag more pleasant.

Candles. An scented diffuser would work, too. It’s all about setting the sensory mood.

Phone charger. Quite possibly the most left-at-home accessory on the planet.  

Magazine stack. Set out titles based on their interests. (How perceptive of you!)

Down pillows. Send them to sleep on cloud nine.

Cashmere throw. They’re on vacation. Give them indulgence.

Vase. Never underestimate the power of fresh flowers.

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June 28, 2013