Green Color Story

Moss, mint, lime sorbet. We’ve got a style crush on the color green, especially when it comes to decorating the home. This is a hue that borrows from nature and has a penchant for recharging and refreshing tired eyes. It’s a little bit of luck, a little bit of envy, and a whole lot of life.

For inspiration, we consulted with our sharp-as-a-whip stylists for easy tips to bring green (from pistachio to forest) to the domestic space.

1. Opt for Neutral
“I like chartreuse accents in a neutral home. They look great with minky beiges.”
– Brittany C.

2. Paint Inside the Box
“Paint the inside of a cabinet Kelly Green – it works with every other shade of green and will add a pop of color to the room.”
– Alexandra R.
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August 5, 2011