Guys, let’s be honest. We were over winter before it even started. Here’s to kicking cold weather to the curb and planning a killer spring.

1. Forget sweater investment. Put that money toward your shoe game. (Bright wing tips, anyone?)

2. Find a way to get your hands on these car keys. There are digits to be scored at stoplights.

3. Start polishing your clubs now. You’ll want to fit in as many golf courses as possible this season.

4. A round of craft beer always tastes good, and a view just makes it better. Rooftop bar it is.

5. Time means a little less this time of year, but a watch (cough, Rolex, cough) is always an eye-catching addition. 

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February 25, 2014

Jim McLean

For most people, the early stages of learning golf are difficult. Consistency seems unattainable. Efforts to improve seem futile. But I can give you some tips for a program of recovery, which will turn it all around.

First, know that you do not need to spend hours on the range hitting balls until your hands are sore (most people today don’t have the luxury of hours to spend!). Effort is not the answer – mastering technique is the answer, and proper practice with smart preparation is the key. In fact, swinging the club in the home for brief periods of time is often better than beating the ball on the range. The mirror, in the house, is a great coach.

Here are some key steps, what I call the Two-Step Swing:
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August 19, 2011

The Rue Golf Club

With our The Rue Golf Club Boutique coming up, we turned to the expert to get her tips on what to wear – and pack – for a day on the course.

What are some style trends you’ve been seeing on the greens? We’re ready for your tips!
Looking stylish on the green while also being able to play the game comfortably is key for golfers. First off, look for technical fabrics that have the ability to wick moisture away from the body, decrease unpleasant odors, offer sun protection, and that don’t pill or wrinkle – these have been making their way into the golf world pretty steadily.

Men shouldn’t be afraid to try polos that are brightly colored, striped, or patterned with jacquard or argyle prints. This is a great way to stay true to traditional golf wear while taking a fashion plunge. Cargo shorts are also making their way onto golf courses, so know that it’s okay to be a little nontraditional. Cargo shorts will keep you cool in the heat, and the pockets are great for storing extra tees, golf balls, and any other essentials.

Women are able to look feminine by sporting silhouettes that are more form-fitting and less frumpy. Printed skorts and pants are a big trend, along with traditional argyle and striped tops. For the edgier golfer, embellishments like studs, beading, and Swarovski stones are also a leading look.
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August 19, 2011