Call the Neighbors: Your At-Home Bar Is Going Pro

Glassware. Ice buckets. You have the basics. And with these add-ons? What was once an ordinary bar cart is now the chicest neighborhood haunt – just steps from your own kitchen.

At-Home Bar Essentials

Whiskey Rocks
For guests who like their liquor served neat – but a touch on the chilly side.

A Decanter
Nothing looks as professional as pouring vino from one of these mouth-blown beauties.

Double-Duty Décor
Your bar bible, a cocktail-making book will also give guests something to peruse.

Transform your drink station with our Cocktail Hour: Essentials for the At-Home Bar Boutique on Friday, January 31, at 3PM ET.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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January 31, 2014

Guests are Coming! It’s Time to Prep the House

Have a horde of house guests coming for the holidays? (Can’t they just stay in a hotel? Kidding, kidding. We love them.)

Don’t panic. The Home Sale has everything – and I mean everything – you need to make every out-of-towner feel at-ease and leave ever-impressed. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Tuck some crisp sheets in tight and load up on the pillows. It’s probably a tad chilly outside, so leave a few extra blankets stacked on a chair, just in case. Guests are always apprehensive about asking for things (even when we tell them to make themselves at home).

Coffee & Toast
Is there anything better in the morning? (Okay, maybe pancakes.) But there’s no need to go overboard – you’re probably preparing the big dinner feast. Have coffee brewing, offer some fruit or toast, and take them to your favorite breakfast diner.

The Bar
Keep it stocked. Come 3PM (it’s the holidays, we don’t judge), someone will be jonesing for eggnog, and you’ll be ready with the rum. From ice buckets and decanters to every type of cocktail glass and goblet, this Boutique has everything you need to become the world’s best host(ess).

Our Get Ready, It’s a Big One: The Home Sale Boutique opens Friday, December 7, at 3PM ET.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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December 7, 2012