While a boyfriend, best friend, or mother extraordinaire may know us better than even we know ourselves, that doesn’t always carry over into actual gift-giving. This is where you come in. Two words: Drop. Hints. There’s no rule against helping well-intended gifters out – you’re simply putting their money to good use for them (read: not purchasing a holiday fruitcake).

Create a Pinterest board, showcasing the gifts you want. And then title it, “These are the gifts I want.” You can’t get more straightforward than that.

Load up on the Post-it® Notes, then attack that stack of holiday-edition catalogs. Like little yellow beacons that simply can’t be ignored, flag every last dress, sweater, and food processor you could ever want – and then leave that Post-it–packed catalog out in a spot where it won’t go unnoticed. Hello, gift guide.

Post “Don’t you love this!?” links of your top wants onto accomplices’ – er, friends’ – Facebook walls. Just make sure they’re mutual friends with your gift-giver, of course.

A little recon shopping trip never hurts. Take your gift-giver for a totally innocent spin around your favorite shops – and make your likes known.

‘Tis the season to keep (computer) windows maximized. That deliciously structured bag you have your heart set on? Pull it up online, expand the browser window to its maximum size, then step away from the computer. Its next user will most certainly make note.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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December 3, 2012