Graduation soirees. Outdoor dinner parties. The summer season is packed with every type of get-together. And whether you’re the host of your social circle or just looking to test out your chef expertise, this beaming collection of Chasseur cast iron will put your feast center stage – even if you went off-recipe. Before your fire up the stovetop? See below for a little know-how from the president of this French brand, Michael Walt.

Cookware Tips from Chasseur

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June 3, 2014
To cook like a French chef, you simply have to master the five “Mother Sauces.” They’re the national cuisine’s most fundamental sauce-making bases.

Base: Egg yolks and butter
Serve with: Poached eggs or steamed asparagus

Base: Veal or beef stock
Serve with: Roasted meat, like beef or lamb

Base: Stewed and puréed tomatoes
Serve with: Pasta or fish

Base: White stock (veal, chicken, or fish)
Serve with: Fish or steamed poultry

Base: Whole milk
Serve with: Pasta or vegetables, or use as the base of a cheese sauce

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July 31, 2013