Stilettos got their name from the Italian word for “dagger” (and if you’ve ever been stepped on by one, you know why). The stiletto made its debut on the Christian Dior runway in 1955, designed by none other than shoe genius Roger Vivier. Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood starlets helped make the stiletto infamous. Whenever I have to get dressed up, my motto is “the higher the better.” If you’re going to wear them, wear them well. And never let the shoes wear you. Here’s how.

Stand up straight
Posture is so important, especially when wearing stilettos. Follow these simple rules: 1. Hold your chin up. 2. Make sure your shoulders are down and wide (not up by your ears). 3. Suck in your stomach. 4. Tuck your butt in (no arch in your back, it’s all in the muscles). 5. Straighten and elongate your spine. 6. Straighten your legs (but don’t over-straighten so that your legs are concave). Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga classes are amazing for help in this area because they deal with lengthening muscles, finding your center, and developing your core strength – all of which lead to better posture.
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April 23, 2010