Fluffy Towel

Drying off with a coarse towel? Um, no thanks. Bath linens were made to be fluffy – and, if you stick to just a few simple tips, they’ll stay that way.

1. Toss a tennis ball into the dryer. No, this isn’t a prank. As the bouncing ball hits the towels, it’ll knock out lingering lumps.

2. Add vinegar to your detergent. One cup of white vinegar, to be exact. It’ll dissolve hard water’s mineral buildup. (Cue more absorbent towels.)

3. Wash towels separately from your clothes. And don’t cram all the towels into the machine at once. They need space to fluff, after all.

4. Opt out of fabric softener. It’ll actually make your towels less fluffy. (Oh, the irony.)

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July 8, 2013