Wishing Jeopardy! would ditch those dusty old history questions for something a little more fashion-forward? Yeah, same here.

So, based on a selection of our Final Sale’s most coveted brands, let’s play… Name that Designer!

Name that (Final Sale) Designer

1. Though he’s been completely sober for several years now (and has the most insanely chiseled body to prove it), this designer still sails through the fashion world in skirts – and oh, how I love him for that.

2. This brand’s namesakes? They’re the sister/brother combo of everyone’s (okay, my) favorite 5(ish)-foot-tall twins.

3. 80%* of American women between the ages of 13 and 45 own one of this brand’s printed weekend bags. (*I made this statistic up, but it’s still probably true.)

4. This alterna-cool L.A. brand’s former CEO was notorious for showing up to work in very, shall we say, “progressive” attire (cough cough tightie-whities).

5. This denim line’s founder pretty much made my 2013 with his announcement of a much-awaited comeback. (Cue me crying a river of happy tears.)

(1. Marc Jacobs; 2. Elizabeth and James; 3. Vera Bradley; 4. American Apparel; 5. William Rast)

Our FINAL SALE Boutiques open Wednesday, January 16, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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January 16, 2013


Crazy day? There’s a Rue Warehouse Sale item for that. From bedroom essentials to coats, totes, dresses, and more, this absolutely gigantic, everything-must-go event has sunup to sundown outfitted in style.

Clockwise, from top left:
7AM: Wake up and smell the coffee.

7:45AM: Throw on your office best and head out the door.

12:30PM: Hit that lunchtime yoga class.

5:30PM: Pack up your stuff and head home.

6:30PM: Dinner is served.

8PM: Time for a soak. (You’ve earned it.)

The Rue Warehouse Sale opens Wednesday, December 26, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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December 26, 2012


The Rue Warehouse Sale

We’ve cleaned house so you can do the same. Starting 8PM ET on Tuesday, December 25, our every category – think coats, jewelry, heels, home decor, and more – will all be up for grabs, at everything-must-go pricepoints. You know what a spic-and-span Rue warehouse means, after all: just that much more room for a whole new year’s worth of style.

The Rue Warehouse Sale Boutiques open Tuesday, December 25, at 8PM ET.


December 24, 2012


The Facebook Final Sale Boutique

Rue La La Facebook fans: now that you’ve “liked” us, we’re doing something special to show how much we like you back. Today at 3PM ET, we’re opening The Final Sale Boutique, a can’t-miss, two-day spree exclusively for Facebook Fans. It’s deliciously simple, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out. Here’s how it works:

1. Like us on Facebook.
2. When the clock strikes at 3PM ET, head over to our Facebook page.
3. Find the “Get Access” tab along the top of the page.
4. Click “Go to Rue La La,” and voila!
5. Take a deep breath… and get ready for the thrill of the hunt.

If you’ve already “liked” us, you already have access. Just remember, you need to go through the Get Access tab on our Facebook page – that’s the only way in.

As many Members already know, Final Sales are not for the faint of heart. Take a look at our Final Sale Survival Guide to get a little extra insider advice on how to make it through victorious. Consider it an exclusive holiday treat to the best Facebook fans imaginable.

And now, let the countdown begin.

December 22, 2010