Spring is all about renewal (and parties), making it the perfect time to use feng shui – an art centered around balancing a room’s energy to ensure health and good fortune – to revamp the flow in your hosting space. Here, some tips for creating a welcoming home filled with good vibes:


Aim for balanced décor. For a truly feng shui’d space, incorporate all five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – for balance. You can do so by taking a literal approach (bamboo, candles, terra-cotta servers, wrought iron, a fountain) or simply weaving together contrasting colors and textures for elemental representation.

Clean up.  According to feng shui principles, clutter drains energy – both yours and your home’s. Before guests arrive, stow everyday belongings in closets, cabinets, out-of-sight rooms, or even in storage-specific pieces like the ottoman above. The best part? This opens up mantels, coffee tables, and other places for party favors and snacks.

Take a seat. Don’t feel like you have to provide enough seating for everyone. Fewer seats = more mingling, which makes for a livelier party. A couple of love seats, a sectional sofa, or a cluster of chairs works well for this.

Consider foot traffic. Think about your house’s flow. Rather than dumping coats on a bed, clear your front closet and stock it with hangers. Close off rooms guests shouldn’t enter. Ensure the location of the restroom is obvious. And finally – make sure there’s a clear path to the bar area, with space on all sides and food spread out on side tables.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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March 20, 2013