The clever crew at FENDI just struck pure genius. With a great play on words and an even better take on “fast fashion,” the luxe fashion house has coined the very first “FENDI-ing Machine.”

So it’s not actually a machine, but rather a trendy pop-up store located right in the heart of NYC’s fashion hub, SoHo. However, customers can run in and snag a 2Jours or baguette from shelves that resemble large vending machines, complete with keypad and all. They’ll also be greeted with game-room window displays upon arrival, such as a claw-like machine clutching the coveted Buggie bag. The Karl Lagerfeld–inspired version of this Furby-looking bag is rumored to have a wait list 600 people deep (proof that it’s in high demand).

Now, I’ve never had much luck with arcade games. But when they involve this season’s most talked-about accessory? I’m willing to give them a second try.

By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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July 17, 2014

Every few seasons or so, the fashion gods – ahem, Karl Lagerfeld – get together to test us. You know, to prove that we still bow down to their brilliance. Remember Chanel’s ankle packs? Yeah, like that.

Snag Your Own Fendi Bag Bugs While They’re Hot

I’ll be the first to admit that Rue associates like to dive headfirst into some strange trends. But these latest accessories from FENDI – each with its own name and personality – seem more like something swiped from a Tim Burton set than a runway. The wonderful truth of fashion, though, is there will always be someone willing to try anything.

So, as New York Magazine: The Cut writes, “brace yourself for waves of these little companions to start dangling off the arms of the street-style mob come February.”

Bravo, Karl. You got us again.

Visit The Cut for more on these furry creatures.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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November 12, 2013