There’s always a little part of us that longs for summer to last forever (and ever… and ever…). So it’s no surprise that we want the same for the warm-weather wardrobes we’ve been carefully curating all summer long. To help ease the transition from the most beloved sunny weather into [insert excited shriek here] boot season, here are a few easy ways to keep your favorite pieces around just a little longer.

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August 17, 2013


We may not be experts in astrology or the moon’s position, but we do know style alignment. And in forecasting the next month, here’s what’s in store for you.

The sign of the sun – it’s no wonder you have a hard time letting go of those summer tanks and shorts. So don’t. Pair maxi dresses with fall jackets. It will result in an easier transition. We promise.

Your desk? It’s perfectly organized. We get it – you like things orderly and clean. And that whole menswear trend is your solution. Crisp lines. Brilliant simplicity. We can feel your giddiness from here.

Your calendar is booked through September (no surprise there). As a socialite, you can’t rely on just a few outfits. Bulk up that fall wardrobe with classic, versatile pieces. That LBD is calling – no, yelling – your name.

As usual, you’re working your butt off. And we’re not even going to try to convince you to chill out and enjoy the rest of summer. Dress for success in the office, and utilize color during the upcoming months.

Enough is enough. No more procrastinating. Fall is right around the corner, and now is as good a time as any to get shopping. Think cape jackets, lug soles, and dark-wash denim. They’re the fall runways’ hottest trends, after all.

You would never leave the house in sweatpants (um, fashion suicide). But printed silk pants? That’s a whole different story. The comfort thing is just a bonus.

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August 7, 2013


In Shrek‘s words: ogres have layers, onions have layers, and, most importantly, fall fashion has layers. (Okay, we added that last part.) But with cooler weather right around the corner, there’s no better time for a little layering refresher.

Make sure they can stand alone.
The A/C is down in your office. You start to peel off layer after layer, only to realize you can’t head to your morning meeting in that old undershirt. The lesson here? Every article of clothing you’re layering with should be wearable on its own. So muscle tanks? Yeah, those are no-go.

Keep things crisp and tucked.
Your outer hem should always be longer than your inner hem. Those sloppy college days of rolling out of bed are long gone, and shirttails hanging from sweaters are just not acceptable. Period.

Never be afraid of a little color.
Just because it’s almost fall doesn’t mean you have to tuck away bright summer colors. But remember, this isn’t a kaleidoscope free-for-all. Choose, at most, one or two bright hues. The overall outfit should be neutral, with bold colors serving as accents.

Always play with pattern. 
If you’re a “plaid button-front under a neutral half-zip” kind of guy, then this rule is for you. Always layer your patterns from lightest to strongest, or vice versa. Think smooth transitions (for a smooth guy, of course).

Our Wardrobe Classics: Tried & True Picks for Men Boutique opens Tuesday, August 6, at 11AM ET.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Editorial Intern

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August 6, 2013


Sorry, Lana Del Rey – there’s no summertime sadness here. After seeing what’s in store for fashion this fall, we’re more than ready for the change of seasons. So ready, in fact, that we’re already stocking up on four of this autumn’s must-have pieces.

1. The Essential Leather Jacket
Leather jackets have been around forever. But this season, you don’t have to go all rocker-chic to add one to your closet. (Especially with alternatives to the jet-black we’re used to seeing.) Warm and stylish, this addition can be paired with lace for a girly twist or even thrown over your favorite summer maxi. Talk about transitional fashion.

2. A Pair of High-Waisted Jeans
Still hesitant about the high-waisted denim trend? We promise – you won’t look like your mom (no offense, Ma). Simply put, these jeans elevate every look. And an added bonus: those summertime crop-tops don’t have to be packed away anymore.

3. Some Lug Soles
Groundbreaking. Earth-shattering. Well, not literally – we hope. But it is clunky-chic. Whether with a thick sole or a stacked heel, these boots are bound to make a statement. (Prada knows best, after all.)

4. One Cashmere Cape
Move over, Superman. If Valentino and Isabel Marant say so, then it must be true: the cape is making its triumphant return this season. And we’re not complaining. Pair it with those ankle boots and the high-waisted denim we mentioned earlier, and boom – outfit game-changer.

Our First Look: Pre-Fall Style for Women & Men Boutique opens Friday, August 2, at 11AM ET.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Editorial Intern

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August 2, 2013

From epic-proportion pants to the jumbo, sleeping-bag comfort of a cocoon coat, for AW12, bigger is seemingly better. And thankfully for those of us who like to raid our manfriend’s closet, the easiest oversized item to toss on this winter is… the sweater.

We couldn’t agree more with the styling tips in this video post from Refinery29 – the oversized sweater is a do, for work, play, and, above all else, comfort (which is absolutely necessary when you’re also wearing 5-inch stilletos). Here’s how we’re taking on the trend in the Rue offices:

Size Up – While many designers are making sweaters extra large this season, try on both your regular size and one size larger. Then choose your desired level of slouchiness.

Check Your Shoulders – A drop shoulder (one that falls a couple of inches below your natural shoulder line) is great – if the sweater is designed that way. Watch the shoulder seam if the garment is not designed with a drop shoulder – if you go too big and the seam creeps too low, you risk looking like you got swallowed by a loom.

Style It – Try a collared shirt peeking out from the neckline. Wear it with skinnies and heels. Or show some leg and anchor it with a mini.

Tuck – Not the whole sweater! Just a corner tucked up into the waist lends some shape when needed.

And Roll – Try a jumbo sweater with sleeves that hit somewhere between the elbow and wrist. If the sleeves hit the wrists, roll or scrunch to show a little skin.

Now, for goodness’ sake, get out there and get cozy.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer 

Have any tips, tricks, or tales about oversizing your style? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala

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October 30, 2012


One of the things that makes winter feel so long, in my opinion, is wearing the same heavy coat day after day. Here in New England, the first chill hits and suddenly it’s full-blown parka-and-peacoat season. Not quite ready to be swaddled in wool or down feathers, I made the executive decision to in-vest this season. Yes, this fall I fell for vests of every kind – from fur, to leather, to denim. Look out jackets, I may never go back.

Drawing inspiration from the two-tone motorcycle jackets and contrast-sleeve utilitarian jackets that took over street fashion pics from NYFW, I decided to strategically layer up using vests and some pieces I already had in my closet. The great thing about vests (and one of my favorite things about fall) is all the layering options they present. With a denim and leather vest and an assortment of lightweight jackets, there are countless looks you can rock to suit any fall occasion, from apple picking to a night out in the Big Apple.

Perfect Pairings:

Leather vests – An army green anorak with a leather motorcycle vest has become my daily go-to. But the same vest can be worn with a light wash denim jacket, black skinny jeans, and heels for a night out. I also love the way a tough leather vest looks when paired with a delicate piece, like a long-sleeve lace cocktail dress.

Denim vests – A denim vest over a brown leather jacket will have you looking as retro-cool as Mila Kunis in That 70s Show. Or, pair it with a red flannel and a pair of bean boots and you’re hayride-ready.

Fur vests– I like to wear something more form-fitting underneath my fur vest (let’s be honest, it doesn’t create the most flattering silhouette). Opt for a long sleeve black bodysuit or fitted turtleneck with a pair of dark wash skinnies and boots for the perfect après-ski ensemble.

By Grace Romanowsky of Valenki By ACE, Staff Writer

How did your road test fare? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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October 27, 2012

Photo credits: bugaboo, mini, mr & me, Under the Table and Dreaming, and  Happy Mundane

I’d never dream of advising you to forgo the season’s requisite candy corns and pumpkin micro-brews, but I, for one, plan to add a few new recipes and unexpected decor upgrades to my fall favorites list this year.

Rather than embark on an overambitious carving endeavor (last year, I tried to carve an octopus swallowing a tall ship), I’m opting to put my fashion knowledge into play and accessorize this, well, red-headed cousin of squash, with some of the season’s “it” trends.

Big in decorative home accents, this technique is the art of applying paper cutouts and then coating with several layers of finish. Use tissue paper, newspaper, magazine cutouts, and liberal amounts of Modge Podge to create your own en vogue pumpkin, as seen in Country Living.

This hot trend isn’t just for shoes and handbags. Paint your pumpkin a solid white or black base then embellish it with silver thumb tacks to give it some of that “grit and glamour” look.

How seriously rad do these colorblocked neon, grey, and white pumpkins look? I’ve never wanted to accessorize a fruit with a pair of heels… until now (and yes, pumpkin is a fruit!).

First decoupage pumpkin didn’t turn out well? Before you do anything hasty, remember there are lots of super-tasty recipes for both the seeds and the pumpkin itself. Obvious go-to’s would be pumpkin pie and baked seeds for snacking, but these pumpkin dumpling and pumpkin seed smoothie recipes are healthy and unexpected takes that I can’t wait to try out.

By Grace Romanowsky, Staff Writer

Do you have a unique way to decorate fall’s favorite fruit? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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September 22, 2012

From straw fedoras in the summer to wool trilbies in the winter, berets, cloches, and a couple of wide-brimmed floppy styles, my hat collection runneth over. And then there’s that lone baseball cap that’s never seen the light of day, let alone the fluorescent light of a gym (or even the lights of a night game).

Sporty Spice, I am not, and a baseball cap is something I would never consider wearing. That is until it started popping up on runways and blogs du jour, worn not with sneakers and a Sox tee, but actually styled. And just like that, I’m suddenly thinking about taking the game-changing chapeau for a spin, like Shirleyne does above.

1. Mix it with feminine hair. Long, loose waves or our beloved side braid look chic with this boyish topper.

2. Add a sharp statement coat. Even if you’re wearing that ball cap with boyfriend jeans, there’s something about the addition of a tailored coat or jacket that elevates the look.

3. Think beyond the sports team. While showing love for your hometown fave is always a do, a sleek leather-look cap and dark, solid colors will translate this style into fall.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

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September 4, 2012