For cosmetic brushes: The key to clean makeup bristles may be lurking by your kitchen sink. Dawn dish soap is an unexpected way to degrease your brush collection. Squeeze a bit of it onto a small plate, then tap in your wet brush to dilute the suds, swirl in your palm to build a lather, and rinse.

For bangs-induced breakouts: If you’re rocking a fringe haircut, you might also be familiar with forehead blemishes. Avoid touching your bangs (a common way to transfer dirt and bacteria) and switch to oil-free hair products for clearer skin.

For whiter teeth: Another DIY remedy lurking in your kitchen? Baking soda. Wet your toothbrush, coat it with the powder, and brush your teeth for two minutes. With occasional use, you’ll benefit from a bright, polished smile.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Content Editor

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