He was just 19 years old when a little lifestyle brand called Anthropologie placed an order for every design in his collection. Since then? Ben Busko, president of Ben’s Garden – a prime destination for unique gifts and home goods – has taken his decoupage pieces to more than 800 independent boutiques around the world. Eager to know more, Rue Living sat down with the young entrepreneur to talk aesthetics, inspiration, and the future of his namesake label.

Rue La La Interview with Ben Busko of Ben's Garden

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Ben’s Garden Collection includes a curated library of beautiful imagery and quotes discovered in antique notes with charming calligraphy and typeset from an antique typewriter. Ben’s Garden pieces are meticulously designed and chosen with such care to tell a story, from antique to modern, with wit, beauty, humor, and charm.

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April 29, 2014

Equal parts artful and functional, these personalized pillows, inspirational trays, and decoupage pictures (from home accessory and décor shop Ben’s Garden) are the most universal gifts. How these witty trinkets got their start? It comes down to raw talent – and perhaps a touch of charisma. For a timeline on the founder, read on.


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November 23, 2013

Photo credits: bugaboo, mini, mr & me, Under the Table and Dreaming, and  Happy Mundane

I’d never dream of advising you to forgo the season’s requisite candy corns and pumpkin micro-brews, but I, for one, plan to add a few new recipes and unexpected decor upgrades to my fall favorites list this year.

Rather than embark on an overambitious carving endeavor (last year, I tried to carve an octopus swallowing a tall ship), I’m opting to put my fashion knowledge into play and accessorize this, well, red-headed cousin of squash, with some of the season’s “it” trends.

Big in decorative home accents, this technique is the art of applying paper cutouts and then coating with several layers of finish. Use tissue paper, newspaper, magazine cutouts, and liberal amounts of Modge Podge to create your own en vogue pumpkin, as seen in Country Living.

This hot trend isn’t just for shoes and handbags. Paint your pumpkin a solid white or black base then embellish it with silver thumb tacks to give it some of that “grit and glamour” look.

How seriously rad do these colorblocked neon, grey, and white pumpkins look? I’ve never wanted to accessorize a fruit with a pair of heels… until now (and yes, pumpkin is a fruit!).

First decoupage pumpkin didn’t turn out well? Before you do anything hasty, remember there are lots of super-tasty recipes for both the seeds and the pumpkin itself. Obvious go-to’s would be pumpkin pie and baked seeds for snacking, but these pumpkin dumpling and pumpkin seed smoothie recipes are healthy and unexpected takes that I can’t wait to try out.

By Grace Romanowsky, Staff Writer

Do you have a unique way to decorate fall’s favorite fruit? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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September 22, 2012