Spring’s of-the-moment hues have been revealed. Introduce them to every room.

The Best Home Colors for Spring

In the Living Room
Accent with decorative pillows and throws in zigzag prints. Toss, swap out, and store these summer numbers with ease.

In the Bedroom
Fold back a grey duvet to reveal turquoise sheets. They add a surprising pop of color without going overboard.

In the Dining Room
Mix together cloth napkins, plates, and glassware in the two hues. Outdoors or in, this nautical color duo shouts chic tablescape.

Our Grey & Turquoise: Décor Trend to Try Now Boutique opens Tuesday, April 15, at 11AM ET.

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April 15, 2014

Just moved in? On a budget? We understand. When it comes to home design, starting from scratch can feel like an impossible feat. But, we’re here to prove that it shouldn’t take a floor-to-ceiling redo to liven up your space. Here are the key pieces you need to get started.

Decorate Your New Home

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April 5, 2014



You’ve dodged hosting the holiday party in the past, but this is the year you’ve been called upon to rise to the occasion. How will you get your “bachelor pad” in tip-top shape? It’s easier than you think – follow these suggestions for an evening of guaranteed festive fun.

Delectable Nibbles
Food might just be the most important element of a party, but don’t go filling bowl upon bowl with Chex Mix® and potato chips (we’re adults now). Make some room for a few delicious gourmet cheeses, cured meats, and spreads to really impress your guests. Finger foods make a party.

Turn up the Music
Every party needs some good tunes to get everyone in the mood to enjoy themselves. Take the time to make a playlist for the occasion: start mellow, then work in the break-it-down dance numbers (you should definitely include some holiday songs, too – it’s a holiday party, after all).

Wine and Dine
Solo cups and mismatched glasses have no place at a formal holiday party. Invest in a classic decanter with matching wine glasses and have a selection of both light and darker beers on ice. A fully-stocked bar isn’t needed for a successful gathering (though having the mixings for a themed cocktail on-hand might make for a cool party trick).

Warm Up by the Fire
Don’t have a built-in fireplace? No problem. You can pick up a modern and portable stand-in for the traditional hearth. You’ll be convinced it was a wise investment when the festive vibe takes over and all your guests are gathered cozily around the fire.

By Christine Mitchell, Staff Writer

What are your party-hosting tips? Share them in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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December 4, 2012