Chinos. They’re a standard part of your wardrobe, but do you really know how long they should be? If they’re puddling over your shoes or creeping up toward your shins, you could be way off. Here’s how to find the just-right length – and make sure they work with every shoe you own.


Step 1: Find the Right Chino Length
As a general rule, your chinos should be about a half-inch off the ground when you’re barefoot. Once you slip on oxfords or loafers, the hem should graze the top of your shoe – without a break or fold. And a sure sign your chinos are too short? Your socks peek out when you walk. Use that knowledge as a try-on test when picking out a new pair.

Step 2: Make That Length Work with Every Shoe
The above chino length is great for the office. But if you’re wearing flip-flops? Reinforce the casual vibe by giving that hem a couple rolls to show some ankle. Prefer short boots or chukkas? Keep rolling. The hem should end at least a half-inch below the tops of your boots.

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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May 3, 2014


Second only to the polo shirt, there are few summer styles as preppy as the chino pant. We’ve admired the short version (sans polo) as a longtime Kennedy family favorite for touch-football games – but what exactly gives this staple its completely casual appeal?

Like most menswear styles, the chino pant is military-inspired. It was part of the standard-issue U.S. military uniform for most of the 20th century. The style gained real popularity after WWII, though, when army surplus clothing became a mainstay in wardrobes of the preppy post-war generation.

While the casual construction has remained mostly the same, today’s chino is best done in pastels with embroidered nautical motifs. No matter which style you choose, there’s no doubt – the modern take on this classic is the unofficial party pant of summer.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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July 9, 2013