Chitter Chatter 11.25

Check Out: Zach Braff photobombing this couple’s wedding picture. Could this be the best celebrity photobomb of all time? We think so. Well, right after this one.

Imagine: What Leighton Meester and Adam Brody’s wedding will look like. One thing’s for sure – even if their marriage doesn’t work out, it would make for one epic TV show.

Know: According to scientific studies, selfies are a sign of self-confidence, not narcissism. Excuse us while we update our Instagram.

Watch: A teaser of a teaser for season three of Girls. Sure, it’s only 15 seconds long, but it only took us three of those 15 to get seriously excited.

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November 25, 2013

We love a good photobomb, and, as the HuffPo Style pages remind us, so do celebrities:

The Internet went wild this week over a photo of a peppy Australian teenager who struck selfie gold: She was photobombed by none other than Beyoncé. But the 15-year-old is hardly the first to get the Hollywood treatment – celebrities love to p-bomb each other and, at times, us plebeians.

Now, please tell us how we plebeians get in on this trend. Our Newsfeeds are long overdue for some group shots with Beyoncé.

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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November 6, 2013