All these years, you’ve been thanking Grandma for your holiday cashmere sweater – when you really should be thanking the Kashmir goat. Here’s why.



  1. Due to the extreme range of hot-to-cold temperatures in the Himalayas, the undercoat of the Kashmir goat provides insulation and breathability that is thirty percent lighter than sheep’s wool and eight times warmer.
  2. Demand is high, of course. Supply? Not so much. Once the fibers are sheared, they must be cleaned and sorted – by hand. And to create a single (read: one) sweater takes the coats of two to three goats.

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November 4, 2013

You’ve found your dream cashmere 1/4-zip sweater? Then, congratulations! The hard part’s over. Figuring out what to wear under it, however, isn’t the most straightforward of style tasks. The fact that your sweater already has a collar throws a curveball into the whole “when to wear a collar” game, for sure. But it’s nothing that we, together, can’t overcome.


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September 23, 2013