Rue Washington D.C.

Say hello to a little more style on the Hill. Rue Washington DC is (officially) here, giving you access to the District’s “must” list. In honor of our debut in the nation’s capital, we sat down with our ever-so-chic D.C. Director of Brand Partnerships (and British transplant) Susan Nixon, to talk D.C.’s varied style transformation, what to wear to an interview on Capitol Hill, where to get the best margaritas in town, and the night she met the President.

Rue La La: Describe D.C.’s style.
Susan: Eclectic. The city is made up of people from all over the world – I’m a transplant myself. There truly is no single style that represents this powerful city, but one style twist over the recent years has been the evolution of the “power dress” in the corporate and political worlds of Washington. Women have shifted from pantsuits to wearing fashion-forward clothing with fabulous shoes and great bags. I love where D.C.’s fashion is right now.

Rue La La: You’ve lived in D.C. for 28 years – what inspires your personal style?
Susan: My fashion style is usually influenced by my mood, but also by my lifestyle. I’m an equestrian, so I’m drawn to tailored, equestrian-inspired jackets and boots.

Rue La La: What’s on your fall shopping list and where in town will you be searching for it?
Susan: Rich-colored cashmere sweaters and leather boots are a must for fall in D.C. I typically start my search on the streets of Georgetown, where I invariably find something at Wink and Hu’s Shoes. Then, of course, there are the shopping meccas at Chevy Chase and the Galleria in Tyson’s Corner.
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July 29, 2011