When heading to the office, reaching for a blazer is a knee-jerk reaction for most men. But you know that super-soft cardigan you love? It’s also a perfectly acceptable 9-to-5 option. Check out how, with the right finishing touches, you can achieve a polished and professional look with your favorite comfy sweater.


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September 5, 2013

They were feeling a little left out – so, let’s hear it for the boys!

1. When we say preppy, we’re talking full-on plaid and bow ties.

2. Hipster fashion can be difficult to define, but we think these guys do a pretty good job of it.

3. Just another stylish day in the office for these businessmen.

4. When you’re on the street, you never know who’ll be watching.

5. Who says men don’t know haute couture?

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July 9, 2013

Whether you work in a corporate setting or a creative environment, how you dress plays a major role in the way others view you. And because of this, experimenting with your wardrobe often seems out of the question. But let’s be honest – making the trek to the office would be a little more fun if your outfits were less ho-hum. Here’s how you can breathe new life into that office attire (without breaking dress code):

4 Ways to Transform Your Workweek Wardrobe

1. Add subtle detailing to a classic skirt suit.
A good way to ease into a more exciting wardrobe? Add a little interest at the hem for a look that will set you apart.

2. Don’t be afraid to stray away from a predictable, monotone look.
Trends can be experimented with in the office. Case in point: this neutral suit with flattering colorblock detail. Just be sure to keep the whole look tailored.

3. Let your personality shine through with polka dots.
Not all work wear has to be plain and void of personality – opt for a simple pattern, then work in some neutral accessories, opaque tights, and a blazer.

4. Introduce a vibrant hue in the boardroom.
Sometimes dressing in a head-to-toe bold color is the cure for those Monday blues. Try all-over red (like the above), or opt for the color of the season – emerald. Bonus: that pitch will be even more memorable.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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January 28, 2013