Getting around in extreme weather can certainly be a battle, especially when you’re trying to look chic while pounding the pavement. Take a cue from the fall runways and look for of-the-moment utilitarian details (think exposed zippers and oversized pockets) to elevate the pieces you’ll wear all season.


  1. Movado “Sportivo” Watch. A sporty watch flawlessly complements your urban uniform.
  2. Rebecca Taylor Tweed Long Coat. This classic black-and-white tweed coat boasts deep front pockets that are big enough to warm cold hands and hold an extra pair of gloves.
  3. Design History Ribbed Fisherman Sweater. I want to live in warm, chunky knits all season. Comfy and cozy? Yes, please.
  4. Tom Ford “Alix” Leather Tote. Padlock your valuables to protect them from the perfect storm in the front pocket of this richly hued bag.
  5. Jimmy Choo “Youth” Waxed Suede Boot. Walk the walk in boots that already look like they’ve trudged through the snow. Tough hardware gives this pair an edge.


By Elizabeth Burns, Assistant Fashion Editor

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October 27, 2014

Poppy Delevingne (Cara’s equally stunning big sister) and Dylan Penn breathe fresh air into the term “biker babe” in Stuart Weitzman’s fall campaign. With fashion It girl Julia Restoin Roitfeld in the director’s seat, the video takes on a sepia-toned 60s vibe as the blondes ride on bikes and in vintage cars.

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Julia said she was inspired by vintage Playboy magazine layouts, piecing together different angles of the two models. But the main focus? Boots – including suede over-the-knee and buckled moto styles.

With a remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” playing in the background, I’m totally dreaming of tagging along in a matching pair of thigh-high boots.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Content Editor

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October 2, 2014

No doubt there are as many eyes on the sidewalks during fashion month as there are on the runways. And one of the biggest draws for street-style photographers? Shoes. From New York to London, the style elite have been flaunting fall’s must-have boots: over-the-knee stunners, dressed-up moto styles, and cutout booties. Here’s how to work them into your wardrobe.


From sporty caged styles to color-blocked pointed toes, there is a cutout for every mood. Opt for a strappy, colorful stiletto to complement a menswear-inspired trouser or amp up a simple shift dress with chunky-heeled, open-toe bootie.

One of the sexier boot silhouettes, OTK also serves a dual purpose as one of the warmest. Suede, heeled, or flat – the extended height is ideal for experimenting with a short hemline and textured tights. Go for a sultry look with a lace-up version (just don’t be surprised if the cameras follow).

You already know the power of a low-key moto boot, but the latest iterations are anything but simple. With studded bone-white leather and mixed chain detailing, designers are reinventing this perennial off-duty-model favorite. Let this trend do the talking stomping and keep the rest of your outfit classic – think boyfriend jeans and a chunky sweater.

Shop these and more sidewalk boot trends in our Street-Style Star: Rebecca Minkoff Boots & More Boutique, which opened Thursday, September 18, at 11AM ET.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Editor

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September 18, 2014

For new boots: Need a shortcut to break in boots? Fill two large plastic bags halfway with water, zip them shut, and slide into your shoes. Then freeze them overnight – the ice should stretch stiff leather ever-so-slightly.

For your bikini: Your swimsuit might have had its last summer hurrah. While hand-washing is generally best for an itsy-bitsy bikini, you can run it through the washing machine (in a laundry bag) before storing away for the winter.

For sunburns: Got a little too much sun this weekend? Sip on and soak in green tea, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Make a compress with cold green tea and apply to skin to fight redness and ease your burn.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Editor

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September 2, 2014

Today, we all know SOREL as the boot brand that changed the game when it comes to slushy-weather style. But where did it all begin? How did SOREL make its boots essential at the first sign of snowflake? Here’s the breakdown.

A SOREL Timeline

1962: It’s cold in Canada (like, really cold). This is the year SOREL is founded by Ontario-based Kaufman Rubber Co. to do something about it.

1985: The brand builds its reputation on boots that can handle everything from drizzle to snowpocalypse.

2000: After declaring bankruptcy, SOREL is acquired and revitalized by Columbia Sportswear Co.

2010: This is a breakout year. The brand steps up its fashion game with ads in Vogue and boot styles with names like “Joan of Arctic.”

Today: SOREL is now firmly cemented as the go-to for those who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.

Our SOREL Boutique opens Friday, January 17, at 11AM ET.

By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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January 17, 2014

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many boots (just ask my closet). But if you have to choose just a few, these are the three styles no winter wardrobe should go without.

Snow Boots
A must-have for après-ski activities (just pair with leggings and a chunky knit sweater), these boots are also lifesavers on snowy New England commutes.

Riding Boots
A horseback riding staple, you don’t have to be an equestrienne to rock these classic English-style boots. For best results, opt for a pair in rich camel or black patent leather.

Say hello to your new best friend. From skinny jeans and tights to cocktail dresses with bare legs, booties literally go with everything. Tip: For a casual look, try rocking them with scrunched-up socks.

Our Time to Reboot: The Men’s & Women’s Sale Boutique opens Friday, December 14, at 11AM ET.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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December 14, 2012

From boots fit for a good old fashioned New England snowdrift to an “heirloom” watch (for girls who don’t like waiting around), here’s a look at all the lovely things I’ll be snapping up off of Rue this week.

From left to right:

Rotary men’s watch. The heirloom-watch look? With a classic leather band and old-school Roman numerals, this timeless ticker is how I plan to achieve it (and without that whole waiting-around-to-inherit part). Our Arm Candy: Stackable Bracelets & Watches Boutique opens Tuesday, November 27, at 11AM ET.

French Connection dress. Hello, holiday party (or New Years party… or any party) no-brainer. Our French Connection Women Boutique opens Tuesday, November 27, at 11AM ET.

Sorel boot. A New England snowdrift? In these take-no-prisoners lace-ups, bring it on. Our Sorel Men & Women Boutique opens Monday, November 26, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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November 25, 2012

It’s no surprise that this time of year brings its fair share of holiday parties and events. From picking out the perfect tree to dancing the night away, a necessary shoe stock-up is in store. Thankfully, our Charles David Boutique has every soiree covered.

For holiday dinner.
Although a full-on red dress may be a little too festive for your family dinner, these fiery T-strap sandals add just enough merriment to any tried-and-true LBD or sweater dress.

For picking out the tree.
Decidedly the most fun day of the season? Picking out a perfectly shaped evergreen. Slip on a pair of stylish flat-bottom boots for a picture-perfect tree-chopping look – even if you’re more of the observing type.

For the festive party.
The holidays are the perfect time to go totally glam, so why not start from the ground up? Equal parts glittery and strappy, these sandals will up the ante on any party frock.

Our Charles David Boutique opens Monday, November 12, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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November 12, 2012


ELLE Editor's Selections: Fall Boots

The boot. It very well could be the most important piece of your fall fashion arsenal. And with such a wide variety to choose from this season, we had ELLE Editor Winifred Wang hand-pick her favorite styles for our ELLE Editor’s Selections: Fall Boots Boutique (opens September 16 at 11AM ET). Here, she dishes on ways to rock every type of boot this season – and kick your look up a notch.

Rue La La: This season, with boots of every height, from ankle booties to over-the-knee, how do you decide which height to wear with each look?
Winifred: It’s all about playing with proportions. If you’re wearing over-the-knee, I wouldn’t go too short on the skirt or dress for risk of looking a bit tart-y. But, you can go a bit shorter with knee-high boots.
Continue reading “ELLE Editor’s Selections: The Boot Report” »

September 15, 2010


Style File

Confession: Sometimes we get a glimpse of an upcoming trend and love it in theory (or how it looks on the model coming down the runway) but can’t always pull it off in the morning when it’s time to leave for work. So we turned to Rue La La stylist Maureen for easy styling solutions to this season’s most vexing trends.

The trick to mastering lingerie pieces is making it look like you’re not wearing a nightie in public. A couple of easy options: Wear a lacy camisole top under a blazer, or try a slip dress with opaque tights and a chunky sweater.
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August 13, 2010