Unfortunately, not every summer soiree includes an easy exit. Sometimes, you have to stick it out – rain, shine, or impossible humidity. So before you head to that next dinner party, take a few hot-summer cues from us.


For Men
It’s hot and muggy out, and you’re going to sweat. Wear a T-shirt, right? Wrong. The Art of Manliness implores you to choose a button-front or polo on sunny days before reaching for the tee. Even a long-sleeve button-front (made of natural fibers) will keep you cooler than a cotton-blend or polyester tee. Not to mention the versatility factor. You’ll seldom feel underdressed.

For occasions that call for a sport coat, wear light colors and fabrics (like white and linen). Heading to a patio or beach-front party? Roll up those pant cuffs and swap out oxfords for boat shoes.

For Women
We’ll admit it – women sweat, too. (Guys, deal with it). A few things to avoid when hitting the party circuit: cap sleeves, too-short shorts, doing your hair, and the color gray. Go with a billowy off-the-shoulder dress. You’ll stay cool while still showing a little skin. Since you’ll have to bring a bag for those touch-up essentials, make it a big, bright one that’s still slim enough to tuck under your arm.

For Kids
Shorts, tees, stripes, anchors. It’s hard to make them not look cute. Heading to a kid-friendly party? Make sure they’re comfortable – or you’re in for an early night. And don’t forget hats. Even if it’s not an outside event, they’ll probably end up in the yard anyway.

For Home
Not unlike your wardrobe, your summer bed requires cool cotton and linen fabrics for maximum comfort on humid nights. Satin and silk may sound appealing, but they’re not as breathable. Swap your heavy winter comforter for a lightweight duvet in a creamy white or nude hue.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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July 17, 2013

Pink and red might be the girliest of color combinations, but I say embrace it (no matter your gender). Not for the faint of heart, these hues stand out. But what could be better for a bit of punchy summer-wardrobe fun? Here are three ways to make the pairing work for you.

BLG-1508 Boutique Support- Color Lab Pink Red

Colorblock. This one’s a no-brainer. Pick complementary shades of red and pink (bright red works well with almost any shade of fuchsia, pastel, or bubblegum pink) and pair for a bold effect à la Sarah Jessica Parker. To temper the double dose of allover color, go ahead and bring another more neutral color like white or cream into the mix.

Mix + match. This is where you can really get creative. Pick a single separate that features both pink and red, then go from there. Whether it’s printed pants or a tiered skirt in shades of coral, pair with a solid and go. Then, let the I-had-no-idea-that-could-work compliments begin.

Work the easy one-piece. Wear a dress with pink and red already incorporated and consider the work done for you. All that’s left? Slip into a pair of white, nude, or metallic silver sandals – attempting to match with another pink or red shade could look off – and you have a nice, contrasting pop that doesn’t compete with your one-piece wonder. (Check out how Emma Stone successfully rocked this look if you need a little extra convincing.)

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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June 4, 2013