No matter how cold our iPhone® says it is, we can officially say it’s spring come March 20. 

1. Nothing makes us smile like a fresh bouquet of tulips.

2. Pull out the picnic baskets. We’re bringing the sandwiches (and the wine).

3. Biking to work is a lot more enjoyable once the ice disappears.

4. Relentless rainstorms are just another excuse to buy new Hunter boots.

5. More daylight hours? A reason to pick up some sunglasses.

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March 18, 2014

Fitting Room Bike

The bicycle commute. What a blissfully environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to bookend your 9-to-5. Except for that whole arriving at Monday’s meeting in spandex part.

Here’s how to perfect the commute – in a skirt. (Yes, it’s possible.)

Choose the right bike. Biking in a skirt is exponentially more awkward if your bike has a top tube, which is the bar that connects the seat straight across to the handlebars (you might think of it as a feature on a “man’s bike”). Instead, try a step-through number like a Dutch-style bike, dubbed a “Dutchie.” Unlike your everyday mountain bike, it’s designed to be ridden in your work attire – billowy skirt included. You ride sitting up straight, an enclosed chain casing protects your skirt from grease, and removable skirt guards on the rear wheel keep clothes from snagging.

Choose the right skirtLeave the minis and pencil skirts at home. Try a knee-length A-line or circle skirt, midi skirt, or flowy maxi for a wide range of motion – and to prevent pre-work flashing. Look for heavier fabrics or ones with a bit of stretch.

If all else fails – layer, layer, layer. Still not sure the skirt will fly? Throw on leggings or tights underneath (like Elizabeth does here). You can always take them off the moment you get to the office.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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July 29, 2013