Normally when it comes to red carpet fashion, all eyes are on the leading (and supporting!) ladies. Post–awards show, the Internet is abuzz with “What was she thinking?” and “Oh my, she really nailed it.” But now it’s time to pay the men of the Emmy Awards the respect they so deserve. In old-school formal outfits, a whole lot of blue, and some fresh takes on traditional tuxes, these guys dressed to impress. But who came out on top?

Emmys Best-Dressed Men

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GQ cast its vote in a recent articleSeth Meyers in navy Valentino (pictured above) hit it out of the park – not only with his dapper tux and bow tie, but with his monologues too. Bryan Cranston in Ralph Lauren Black Label proved that when you channel Clark Gable, you win a boatload of Emmys.

And then there was Ryan Sweeting in a striking blue tuxedo jacket. “We really expected the night’s A-list TV actors to make bolder moves on the red carpet,” said Matt Sebra of GQ. “Not the tennis pro husband of that blond girl from the Big Bang Theory. But the actors didn’t, Sweeting did, and that’s why he makes the list.” (Hey Ryan, can I borrow your jacket? I promise I’ll give it back.)

See other Emmy standouts at GQ.

By Lindsey Doolittle, Men’s Assistant Fashion Editor

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August 27, 2014

From the early Step Up days on through G.I. Joe21 Jump Street, and beyond, Channing Tatum has consistently rocked a laid-back vibe. Relaxed jeans with an untucked button-front – casually topped by a vest or blazer. Denim with a jacket, Henley, baseball hat, and sneakers. A newsboy cap with aviators, chambray, and boots. This leading man makes it all look easy. Because really, it is.


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May 24, 2014

When it comes to the style game, the always-smooth Michael Fassbender’s got it all figured out. Impeccable suits, worn with just-right finishing touches or a debonair open collar. Sharp blazers atop dark jeans and untucked shirts. Leather jackets thrown casually over V-neck tees. This leading man manages to make it all look easy. Because for him, it actually is. (Who else is ready for the Golden Globes in 45 minutes flat?)

Get Michael Fassbender's Style

To cop one of his signature looks, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with a dark pair of narrow-leg jeans and a crisp button-front. Skip the tie, leave the top three buttons undone, and wear the shirt untucked, but only if the bottom hits above your hips – any longer and the look can quickly veer toward sloppy.
  2. Pick a tailored suit jacket or sport coat in neutral black or grey. Throw that on. And don’t bother doing up the top button. The goal is to look relaxed and smooth, but not overly polished.
  3. Grow out your scruff. Even if you’re not starring in Macbeth (yes, chances are you aren’t), beards are having a moment. Just keep it under control. Trim underneath the jawline and above the lip. And if you’re really getting into it, do as Fassbender did for the Globes: rub a little flyaway-taming pomade into your palms and give that beard a quick pat before heading out.

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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April 26, 2014

It appears that Captain America’s got style. Massachusetts-born Chris Evans, who recently announced that he’d be calling it quits on acting in lieu of a directing career, has that casual-cool thing down pat. Easy plaid and chambray atop the darkest of denim. Henleys edged up with leather jackets. Suits, when the occasion requires them, sexified with a bit of scruff.

Get Chris Evans' Style

To cop one of his signature looks, follow these few simple steps:

  1. Start with the easiest of shirts – a graphic tee or laid-back button-front (cuffed, to expose superhero forearms).
  2. Add relaxed, not skinny, pants. As Evans once told InStyle: “I’ve got ridiculously thin legs, so I hate skinny jeans. My Paper Denim & Cloth jeans give me a little extra bag in the butt – as if I might actually have one.”
  3. Finish with a broken-in moto jacket or hoodie, unzipped. Want to take the look a step further? Try it in camo.

Extra inspiration, right this way. Our Leading Man: Get Chris Evans’s Casual-Cool Look Boutique opens Sunday, March 30, at 11AM ET.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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March 29, 2014