From search engines to fashion labels, some of today’s top companies celebrated April Fools’ Day by – what else? – posting a few online pranks. Below, a roundup of the gags that got us good.

1. lululemon’s Spray-On Yoga Pants
It appears lululemon has gone even sheerer. Inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel spoof commercial, the brand launched its first-ever spray-on yoga pant for April Fools’ Day.

2. Compares Hundreds of Bathrooms
Known for comparing travel packages, created a limited-time tab on its site encouraging shoppers to “Find a place to go. Right now.” Users were even given the option to refine their search based on cleanliness. “Disgusting” earned a recurring reservation at a facility in NYC, while “impeccable” booked an extended stay at the Taj Mahal of toilets.

3. Bonobos’s Techstyle
This April Fools’ Day, Bonobos took wearable technology to a whole new level with “Wifiber,” a smart fabric that can do everything from read your body temperature to post your innermost feelings on an ex’s Facebook wall (whoops).

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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April 1, 2014