Most Wanted: A Peek at This Week's Boutiques

1. Archipelago candle. Relaxation 101: lavender. (And I promise to snuff out the flame before I nod off.) Our Time to Unwind: Soothing Soaps, Candles, & More Boutique opens Monday, February 4, at 11AM ET.  

2. Seychelles sandal. If my ideal summer were encapsulated into one sandal, it’d look exactly like this one. Our Seychelles Boutique opens Sunday, February 3, at 11AM ET.

3. We Take the Cake red velvet cake. Why yes, those are four whole layers. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. Our In the Nick of Time: Valentine’s Day Sweets Boutique opens Monday, February 4, at 11AM ET.

4. Hobo International bag. Mixed media + almighty shoulder strap = you are going to get an insane amount of use. Our Hobo International Boutique opens Monday, February 4, at 11AM ET. 

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer 

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February 3, 2013