Rue's Android App

Android users, you’ve spoken. And the powers that be here at Rue heard you. We’ve rolled out our brand new, fully-loaded app – just in time to shop from your beach towel.

Here’s why we think you’ll really like it:

  1. We streamlined navigation, so you can jump between categories easier and faster. Ideal for when you’re grabbing something for yourself, your significant other, and your digs all at once.
  2. We linked up with Google Wallet to make checking out as painless as possible. With all of your credit card info safely stored (where no one will find it), you’re out of there in fewer clicks than ever before.
  3. See items you’re lusting after up close and personal with our beautiful high-res images.
  4. It’s also easier to select your size. (Thanks for letting us know that this one needed a little fixing.)
  5. Overall, the performance just runs smoother. We addressed all the bugs you so graciously called out. Something tells us you won’t miss them one bit.

Our new app is compatible with devices running on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or newer.

Simply stop by Google Play to download or upgrade.

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May 15, 2013

Mobile Apps

Here at Rue, we’re just a little bit attached to our smartphones – how else can you check your work email while simultaneously ordering lunch and taking pics of your coworker’s puppy, after all?

And the best part of these devices? Their oh-so-customizable nature. So, I polled our office to figure out which apps people love. Check out our very favorites:

Camera Plus“It amps up the camera that is already on my iPhone. It takes amazing pictures, has a precise focus, and there different edits that you can make to it…. Before exporting it to Instagram, obviously.” – Sarah, Jr. Designer “This app gives the best time to dash to the bathroom mid-movie — and then gives a synopsis of what was missed. So long to regrets about that large, pre-flick smoothie!” – Cassandra, Lead Copy Director

OpenTable: “Making a reservation five minutes before dining just to get my OpenTable points? Guilty. (You get $20 when you reach 2,000!)” – Joanna, Editor

Fooducate: “For anyone health-minded, this is a super interesting app. You can scan the barcode of your favorite foods, and it’ll tell you what’s really in those ingredients. It definitely makes you double-check food labels!” – Melissa, Copywriter

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February 4, 2013