Too thin, too red, too uneven – the list goes on. For those of us who weren’t born with a perfect set of brows, these are some of the woes that we have to deal with when taking on the task ourselves (not recommended). But if left up to the pros, those brows will look perfectly polished – no stray hairs in sight. Here, I talk the thick and thin of eyebrow shaping with Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa‘s 14-year veteran, Aesthetician Victoria Leal.

RLL: As a 14-year veteran you must know a lot about eyebrow shaping, so how do you determine what shape to go with?
Work with what you’ve got and accentuate the shape that you already have. As far as thickness goes, I usually say the width of a pencil or a straw – or the new iPhone® 5?

RLL: Wax, tweezers, scissors, or all three?
Victoria: All three, always. For a more manicured brow all three methods help create a more polished look.

RLL: Good to know! Any tips for reducing redness?
Victoria: Use a cold compress afterwards like a cool wash cloth and/or apply aloe to the area. And remember to limit your sun exposure immediately following any waxing.

RLL: How long should we go between each shaping/waxing?
Victoria: You should have your brows shaped every four weeks or once a month, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

RLL: I’m a big offender of at-home upkeep, but how much touching up should we really be doing ourselves?
Victoria: Tweezing the strays is sometimes necessary, but do not tweeze into the brow line, leave this to the professionals.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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October 22, 2012