So long, boring business wear. The Good Wife is redefining what it means to suit up. Though a legal drama isn’t our typical go-to for outfit inspiration, this show’s wardrobe alone is worth tuning in for. Need proof? Here’s a rundown of each character’s signature courtroom style – and how to snag it.

Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart from The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick
This litigator’s classic-meets-modern vibe is all about balancing tailored power pieces with feminine touches. Invest in elevated, high-quality suiting basics and keep your palette neutral. Unexpected fabrics and necklines will add visual interest.

Diane Lockhart
Stylish and sophisticated, Diane has a coveted Madison Avenue flair that all comes down to accessorizing. With large brooches and multi-string pearl chokers, she proves office-ready jewelry doesn’t have to be basic. Just remember to keep metals consistent if you’re wearing multiple pieces.

Peter Florrick and Cary Agos on The Good Wife
Peter Florrick
To maintain a presidential image, Peter sticks to conservative colors and shapes, like traditional black suits and subtly patterned ties. The easiest way to channel his look? Keep your tailor on speed dial. Good quality and fit are essential.

Cary Agos
This young lawyer is slick, charming, and ambitious – and his style reflects it. Do your best Cary and wear a slim-fitted suit paired with a French-cuff shirt and tie. A bold stripe will take you up another notch.

It’s your turn to take the (style) stand. Our Get the Look: Tailored Style Inspired by The Good Wife and Get the Look: Men’s Style Inspired by The Good Wife Boutiques opened Sunday, October 4, at 11AM ET.

By Kasey Rowe, Assistant Fashion Editor

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October 4, 2015

Flannel shirts. Falling leaves. The signs of autumn are starting to appear. But the best indication that seasons are turning? Pumpkin. Spice. Everything. To savor this festive flavor at home, simply whip up this mix.

Pumpkin Spice Ingredients


  • 1/3 cup ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon ground ginger
  • 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
  • 1½ teaspoons ground cloves
  • 1½ teaspoons ground allspice


  • Mix all the ingredients together in a jar.
  • Tie with a bow and give to friends and family – or stash away for chilly autumn nights.

Sprinkle over a glazed donut. Blend into a latte. Either way, you’ll be feeling full-blown fall in fewer than 5 minutes.

By Kim Watson, Staff Writer

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October 4, 2015

Mark our words: the wardrobe from Fox’s Scream Queens is to die for. In this campy whodunit, a pack of sorority sisters (the majority named Chanel) scheme, plot, and well, scream in over-the-top looks – and we’re obsessed with them all. Want to score an A+ in fierce fashion like these Kappa Kappas? Just follow their style rules.

The Scream Queens girls in over-the-top outfits

Wear (Faux) Fur
Take a page from Chanel No. 1’s book and mark your queen-bee status with a candy-colored topper. For a mod spin, pair it with a miniskirt and high-neck blouse.

Mix Pastels & Metallics
Ditch the rest of the rainbow. All you need are pastels and metallics to achieve this super-femme look. 

Accessorize with Abandon
Remember the old adage “less is more”? It doesn’t apply here. Do like the girls and pile on earmuffs, sparkling headpieces, and stare-at-me jewels.

Dress to kill. Our Get the Look: Style Inspired by Scream Queens Boutique opens Saturday, October 3, at 11AM ET.

By Elizabeth Burns, Assistant Fashion Editor

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October 3, 2015

Even if it’s not quite chilly enough for a scarf and sweater, there’s something so satisfying about swapping out summer décor for pinecones and pumpkins. And what better place to start than your front door? Below, we break down four fall-ready ways to kick your porch game up a notch.

fall pumpkin decorations When in Doubt, Go for Pumpkins
It’s not autumn until the pumpkins are on display. Place a few – or several – around your doorstep for a welcoming vibeStick with orange for a traditional feeling, or opt for white and green versions to create a cool, modern look.

outdoor fall wreathDisplay the Right Wreath
The no-fail way to radiate fall vibes: a warm-hued wreath, complete with leaves, berries, and pinecones. Or, if you’re more into a subtle look, try a neutral approach with a sophisticated, uniform color scheme.

front porch decorationsFill Decorative Urns
Those spring planters you thought you’d put away? Keep ’em out and pack them with a bounty of gourds, multicolored mini pumpkins, and autumn flowers (like mums).

pumpkin lanternsLight the Way with Lanterns
Take advantage of shorter days with an array of glowing (and functional!) lanterns leading up to your doorstep. While lightbulbs work just fine, candlelight creates a cozy atmosphere.

By Rima Butto, Staff Writer

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October 1, 2015

Today marks the kickoff of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a whole 31 days dedicated to opening a dialogue about the disease. To help spread the word, we caught up with Elisha Daniels, survivor, author, style guru, and Boston spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Elisha Daniels modeling two stylish pink outfits

What’s your advice to women in terms of early detection and breast cancer awareness?
My advice to people is – if you can – get a mammogram at age 35. It’s a very scary thing, but early detection saves lives. Also, know your family history.

How did you get involved with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation?
I helped start the Boston chapter. I’ve been doing it for 9 years and we’ve raised over $8 million in Boston alone. Every $250,000 funds a researcher for a year. Research is really the key to finding a cure.

What motivated you to write your book, You Can Do This! Surviving Breast Cancer Without Losing Your Sanity or Your Style, and what do you hope readers get out of it?
I was motivated to write the book after going through 6 months of chemo and radiation. I noticed that some of the women in the waiting room seemed so hopeless. I felt that part of the recovery from cancer, of any kind, is maintaining a positive attitude, so I wanted to inspire people. I started writing about my journey and how others can get through the same thing – without losing their style, or their sanity.

Why is style so important to you?
It’s in my DNA. I guess I’ve always just known that style is an important part of my life and it comes very naturally to me. I love working with clients the most. There’s something really exciting about making somebody’s eyes light up and watching them feel beautiful.

As a personal stylist, what are your favorite fashion tips?
Invest in good basics, like a pair of black trousers, a couple of white shirts, and a black cardigan. Then you can add to them. A trench coat is a must. Oh, and don’t be afraid to mix navy and black. It’s so chic and fabulous and you can wear it every single season.

Who are your style icons – past and present?
Audrey Hepburn, of course. Also Doris Day – if you ever need style inspiration, watch her movies. As for present, Olivia Palermo always looks stunning. And Tamron Hall from TODAY wears the most beautiful clothes.

What do you never leave the house without?
Earrings. Lipstick. I have 7 lipsticks in my bag right now!

Want to join Elisha Daniels and help #BeTheEnd of breast cancer? Visit for information on how to get involved.

And swing by our The Power of Pink: Shop to Support Breast Cancer Research Boutique, which opens Thursday, October 1, at 3PM ET. Rue La La will donate 10% of all net sales to the BCRF.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Staff Writer

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October 1, 2015

When we heard that George Clooney, a.k.a. Hollywood’s most infamous bachelor, had, in fact, put a ring on it, we knew his wife-to-be must have some serious style. And over the past year Amal Clooney, a renowned international human rights lawyer, has proven that she can hold her own in the courtroom and on the red carpet. To celebrate the couple’s first wedding anniversary, were reminiscing about some of their best sartorial moments.

George & Amal Clooney's Civil Ceremony

Tying the Knot in Style
Amal sported a white flowing jumpsuit with navy trim and a chic matching floppy hat at their civil ceremony in Venice, Italygiving women everywhere permission to rock an unconventional wedding look. Playing the perfect leading man, George went for a classic grey suit that complemented (and didn’t upstage) his blushing bride.

George & Amal Clooney Met Gala 2015

Best Dressed at the Met Gala
This year’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” theme meant white tie for the guys and Asia-inspired attire for the ladies. While George was ever the dapper gentleman in his coat and tails, Amal’s controversial choice to wear a gown by headline-making designer John Galliano put her on the fashion industry’s radar – Anna Wintour herself even showed up to the fitting.

Amal Clooney Style

Not Your Average Office Wear
While George’s professional wardrobe depends on the costume for his next role, Amal’s highly respected legal position doesn’t necessarily mean a boring 9-to-5 closet. Coming from a lunch meeting, she opted for a bold Gucci top balanced by a neutral-hued midi skirt for a work look that was equal parts fun and polished.

Now it’s your turn in the spotlight. Take a cue from the dynamic duo and shop our Meet the Clooneys: Style Inspired by Amal & George Boutique, which opens Sunday, September 27, at 11AM ET.

By Elizabeth Burns, Assistant Fashion Editor

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September 27, 2015

Scandal. Is. Back. And if you’re anything like us, you’re more than ready for some Mr. President moments and an abundance of Olivia Pope power ensembles. So cue up the DVR and grab a legal pad. We’re about to school you on five style lessons we learned from the ultimate boss lady.Olivia Pope Style on Scandal

Invest in Separates
Olivia’s on-the-go look? Simple layers. Think textured jackets paired with feminine blouses.

Less Is More
This political fixer keeps her accessories simple. Follow her lead – stick to understated jewelry and neutral, forever handbags.

Make a Statement
When it comes to fall style, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Do your best Olivia and top your tailored power pieces with a statement coat.

White Is Always in Season
That Labor Day rule? Break it. Ms. Pope defies the naysayers and wears white year-round. Go all out with a head-to-toe look.

Loungewear Can Be Luxe
No, we don’t mean college sweats. We’re talking cashmere, cashmere, cashmere. Accessorize your comfy dressing like Olivia with a glass of red wine and popcorn.

Want to be a gladiator in a suit? Check out our Power Style Inspired by Olivia Pope Boutique, which opens Thursday, September 24, at 11AM ET.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Staff Writer and Kasey Rowe, Assistant Fashion Editor

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September 24, 2015

In the fashion world, the start of September is basically like New Year’s for your closet – hello, fresh start. So take a cue from the Fall 2015 runways and give these five new looks a try. No resolutions necessary.

White Ruffle Shirt RunwayCafé Society
Autumn is serving up old-world glamour. From timeless pearls to ladylike tops, when it comes to this look, the more feminine, the better.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2015 RunwayThat 70s Show
The runways have spoken: Boho details are back in the groove. All in? Wear a far-out print from head to toe. Or start small with a suede fringe handbag.

Grey Crocodile BagUp in Smoke
This season’s head-to-toe grey hues are rich in texture and anything but bland. Mix a sleek leather handbag with a chunky knit sweater for head-turning contrast.

Michael Kors 2015 RunwayHeritage Days
A little rustic and a lot classic. Worn alone or all at once, plaid, tweed, and leather make countryside chic look good.

Red Ruffle Dress RunwayLatin Spice
It takes two to tango. Pair ruffles and sultry cutouts for a fiery look that sends your wardrobe south of the equator.

Found your new look? Grab all the essentials in our Rue’s Fall Checklist: This Season’s Top 5 Trends Boutique, which opens Wednesday, September 23, at 3PM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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September 23, 2015

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s too much tweezing or a visit to a wax-happy aesthetician, most of us have at one point ended up with sparse, patchy eyebrows. But before you freak out – take a deep breath. Rue makeup artist Rachael B. will have you back to bold brows in no time.

Fixing Botched Eyebrows with Makeup

  1. Take a look in the mirror. What’s missing? Assess the damage before moving forward with a quick fix. This pause will prevent you from making any false moves.

  2. Find a brow powder that’s just a touch lighter than your natural shade. Use this hue to outline your desired shape. 

  3. Next, take a darker powder (one close to your hair color) and fill in any over-plucked areas with a flat eyeliner brush. Using a deep tone will help achieve a believable, hairlike look.

  4. To secure the powder, apply an eyebrow gel that matches your tresses and brush brows into place.

  5. Results a little too dramatic? Swipe a clean mascara wand across your brows to blend and lighten the look.

And just like that, your face is framed and back in action. 

By Kim Watson, Staff Writer

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September 22, 2015

Behind (almost) every A-list celebrity, there’s an A-list stylist who scours the runways for the most coveted pieces. Case in point: every single Rachael Zoe client. So while we patiently await TV’s biggest night, we’re taking a look back at some of 2014’s best dressed – and hoping for repeat greatness.

Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli Couture Emmys 2014The Unconventional Ball Gown
The chicest princess we’ve ever seen? Fact. The Girls starlet owned the red carpet in Giambattista Valli Couture. Simple, yet full of impact (that colorblocked bodice!), this pick won her fashion darling of the evening.

Claire Danes in Givenchy Emmys 2014The It-Girl Outfit
First worn in white by Kim Kardashian at her wedding, this Givenchy dress made headlines for the second time when the Homeland actress donned it. True, she doesn’t need any further accolades, but we give her major props for making the ensemble, complete with a beaded dragonfly collar and lips to match, all her own.

Jessica Paré in LANVIN Emmys 2014The Old Hollywood 2.0 Dress
Sure, we’re already missing Mad Men, but we’re excited to see what’s next for the former Mrs. Don Draper. With an easy Old Hollywood vibe, her LANVIN version of the classic LBD was to D.I.E. for. And her sculptural necklace? The icing on the cake.

Matt Bomer in Tuxedo Emmys 2014The Classic Tux
A (fashion) curveball can be refreshing, but we’re always onboard for the traditional. This Chuck actor proves all you need is a fresh cut, shined shoes, and a little black and white to turn heads.

Ready to work the step-and-repeat? Our Get the Look: Style as Seen on the Red Carpet and Awards-Show Style for Men: Win Best Dressed Boutiques open Sunday, September 20, at 11AM ET.

By Elizabeth Burns, Assistant Fashion Editor

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September 20, 2015