What Lies Beneath: Men’s Underwear Options

By guest blogger Alejandro Lopez of Adentro Style

Calvin Klein Concept
As I was walking on Houston Street in SoHo I couldn’t avoid seeing the four-story billboard for Concept, Calvin Klein’s new men’s underwear line, and wondering – are men really that particular about underwear? Remembering the last time I assisted a celebrity stylist, I quickly answered my own question: why yes, they are. I was once sent to get black Calvin Klein boxer briefs for a celebrity, and when he discovered they had a white elastic band rather than a black one, I was immediately sent back to buy him the all-black pair.

With the launch of Calvin Klein‘s Concept collection bringing their underwear line count to 16, I realized just how many pairs of underwear there are for men to choose from. We all know the classics like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, which are known for comfort and cotton, but there are more options out there – with each one offering a little something special.

Take D.HEDRAL for example. This British label’s underwear is patented with ANGLEFIT technology and made with lightweight luxury Italian fabrics. There is also Garçon Model, a Canadian label that offers cutting-edge fashion and comfort while using premium fabrics. Then there are labels like Flint and Tinder – all their products, from fabric to packaging, are made in the USA. In the end it’s a matter of what’s important to the man buying the underwear – and once that decision is made, he will not back down (trust me on this one).

By Alejandro Lopez, Adentro Style

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April 22, 2013

Chitter Chatter

From coloring books to shoe auctions, here’s what we’re buzzing about this week

BLG-1406 Chitter Chatter 4-15

Pick Up: Saint Laurent’s YSL: Prêt-À-Porter: Coloring, Activity, and Inspiration Book, featuring original YSL sketches. Finally, a coloring book for style-obsessed grown-ups.

Know: Sarah Jessica Parker is auctioning off three pairs of her shoes to raise money for the LaGuardia Arts high school in NYC. We don’t care if they’re a size five – we’ll make those puppies fit.

Check Out: Coachella’s most fashion-forward acts. And you thought it was just about the music.

Congratulate: Ivanka Trump, who is pregnant with her second child. Wonder if she’ll still keep up with those 16-hour workdays?

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April 15, 2013

It’s a Bloggers World (We Just Live in It)

Our top 4 picks of the week


1. Freutcake
Graphic designer Leah presents cocktails, foodstuffs, and more with perfection.

2. A Sequin Dress at Breakfast 
Because some days, bacon and eggs are just better with a side of sparkle.

3. A House in the Hills 
Complete with a whole section devoted to pup photog. (Expect loads of glitter.)

4. Sea of Shoes 
Seriously can’t get enough of Jane’s insanely gorgeous photography – and unforgettable red hair.

Who are we missing? Tell us on Twitter at @ruelala #bloggerswelove. 

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April 11, 2013

What Are You (Really) Wearing? Getting To Know Tattersall & Gingham

Get on a first-name basis with these classic menswear patterns

What are you really wearing - men's prints

Plaids come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know which patterns are on-trend. For a classic spring look, guys can’t go wrong with a good tattersall or gingham shirt – but if you’re wondering what exactly these patterns are (or the difference between them), you’re not alone.

Taking its name from our friends across the pond, this graph check can be traced back to the Tattersalls horse market, where tattersall-splashed woven blankets adorned horses up for auction as early as 1766. It has since become the traditional print of English horseback riders and preps alike.

First imported from Malaysia by the Dutch, this classic checked pattern – rooted in the Malay word genggang, or “striped” – was introduced to England in the 17th century. From there the solid-and-white check textile was mass-produced on everything from tops to table linens.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

Want the lowdown on fabrics and more? Follow our What Are You (Really) Wearing? column every Tuesday.   

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March 26, 2013

Chitter Chatter

From Full House to Professor Galliano, here’s what we’re buzzing about this week

Chitter Chatter

Help: Find the next Ryan Gosling. With the announcement of his hiatus from acting (saddest day EVER), we’re going to need a new face for all those memes.

Know: Justin Timberlake may be saying bye, bye, bye to his clothing line, William Rast. If it’s because his tour is taking up too much time, we’re totally okay with that.

Imagine: Walking into class only to find John Galliano at the chalkboard. Well, if you attend Parsons, that dream might just become a reality – rumor has it Galliano’s next gig will be professor.

Take: It back to those Full House days with this Mary-Kate and Ashley swag. Cute and chic? You got it, dude.

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March 25, 2013

Look Who Won a Birkin

Just announced: The first winner of our Bag A Birkin Giveaway

Laura & her Birkin.The excitement’s contagious. Here at Rue, we’re all buzzing about Laura, our first Birkin winner, and how adorably glowing she is with her new bag (ahem, Birkin!) in hand.

The best news for you? If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. We have two more Birkins to give away, so get on it.

Only 8 days left. Enter our Bag a Birkin Giveaway for a chance to win yours.

– Rue La La

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March 22, 2013

Roll Those Sleeves Up, the Right Way: A Step-By-Step Guide

Rolling Sleeve Cuffs, the Right Way

The best part about spring? The way warmer temps create decidedly more casual office attire. Case in point: rolling up the cuffs on your dressy button-downs. It’s like the cool, nonchalant way of saying, “There’s work to be done here.” But did you know there’s a proper way to execute this laid-back look? Check out the steps below to achieve an effortless sleeve roll, then go ahead and get your hands dirty.

  1. Flip your cuff back and pull it up to just above your elbow.
  2. Evenly roll the nearby inside-out shirting until it covers half the cuff, keeping the sleeve snugly in place.
  3. Make sure to leave the edge of the cuff out so that any contrasting patterns or colors peek through.

Our Brooks Brothers Men Boutique opens Thursday, March 21, at 11AM ET.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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March 21, 2013

Chitter Chatter

From Beyoncé's trillionth good deed to Fashion's Night – er, year – Out, here's what we're buzzing about this week

Chitter Chatter

Make: New Fashion Week kickoff plans this fall. The U.S. version of Fashion’s Night Out is going on hiatus for 2013. (Fingers crossed they repurpose all those fashion trucks as food stands.)

See: Girl-crush extraordinaire Jennifer Lawrence’s newly dyed dark hair. Wonder if the look affects Jack Nicholson’s initial offer?

Support: All the single (and non-single) ladies. Beyoncé has signed on for Gucci’s Chime for Change campaign, focusing on equal opportunity for women worldwide.

Get: Your crayons out – Kate Moss just released a coloring book in which budding artists can decorate – wait for it – her. That fridge door’s about to get insanely chic.

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March 4, 2013

Chitter Chatter

From e-magazines to Playboy fashion, here's what we're buzzing about this week


Watch: The queen of the iconic wrap dress discuss forty years in the business, Fashion Week, and her everyday inspirations and addictions (excuse us as we obsess).

Check Out:The Edit,’ Net-A-Porter’s (free) weekly online magazine. Thursdays just got a little more exciting.

Know: The Marc Jacobs shows have been postponed. We’re not panicking, but we may have to rethink Valentine’s Day.

Meet: The late Zelda Wynn Valdes, a fashion designer whose clients included Dorothy Dandridge, Ella Fitzgerald – and Hugh Hefner. Yep, Valdes created the first ever Playboy Bunny costume.

Tell us what you’re buzzing about this week or tweet us at @ruelala.

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February 11, 2013

Pin to Win: Our Love At First Sight Sweepstakes is Here

Rue La La + Madewell join forces this Valentine's Day

We interrupt our regularly scheduled dose of “Pinspiration” for something even more exciting: our Valentine’s Day Pinterest sweepstakes in partnership with Madewell. The stakes? One lucky winner will receive a $2,000 shopping spree – $1,000 to each Rue La La and Madewell.

The rules are simple: enter the sweeps on our Facebook page, then pin one thing you love from Rue La La, one thing you love from Madewell, and (at least) one other thing you’ve loved at first sight (spotted from anywhere). Go bananas. This is no time to show restraint.

For us, pinning what we love means anything from buffalo chicken pizza to an Hermès cuff bracelet – with plenty of style and Rueisms in between. But to get everyone’s gears rolling, we asked a couple of our staffers to create their own Pinterest boards (just to see what would make their lists).

Who: Rachel Solomon, Associate Creative Director
What she loves: We’re sensing a red trend – not to mention a commitment to Chanel.

Who: Domonic Gunn, Digital Designer
What he loves: Dom has a thing for tailored suits, and we have a sneaking suspicion his wife asked for those strappy sandals.


Enter our Rue La La + Madewell: Love At First Sight Pinterest Sweepstakes from February 5 to February 13, 2013, for the chance to win a $2,000 shopping spree – $1,000 to each Rue La La and Madewell.

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February 5, 2013