Molto Bene: Giuseppe Zanotti Launches a Clothing Collection

In the world of high-fashion footwear, few designers possess the power to consistently set tongues wagging the way Giuseppe Zanotti does with his ultra-sexy stilettos. (Just check out a Shoe Cam or two at this Sunday’s Academy Awards, and you’ll see what I mean.) If, like me, you’ve ever flipped through your favorite fashion glossy and wondered how Zanotti’s sporty and sometimes punk aesthetic would translate to a top, a pair of pants, or a dress, wonder no more. The Italian designer has launched a new clothing capsule collection.

Giuseppe Zanotti Launches Capsule Collection

Photo via

The best part? The collection is described as showing a mix of “hip-hop aesthetics, urban influences, and sportswear inspirations,” which might just be a nod to the superstar designer’s DJ past. For his devotees, it means clothes that go from runway to reality with utmost ease.

Read more about Zanotti’s new venture on Vogue Paris.

By Lindsay Lambert, Editor

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February 26, 2014


April 30, 2013

What Lies Beneath: Men’s Underwear Options

By guest blogger Alejandro Lopez of Adentro Style

Calvin Klein Concept
As I was walking on Houston Street in SoHo I couldn’t avoid seeing the four-story billboard for Concept, Calvin Klein’s new men’s underwear line, and wondering – are men really that particular about underwear? Remembering the last time I assisted a celebrity stylist, I quickly answered my own question: why yes, they are. I was once sent to get black Calvin Klein boxer briefs for a celebrity, and when he discovered they had a white elastic band rather than a black one, I was immediately sent back to buy him the all-black pair.

With the launch of Calvin Klein‘s Concept collection bringing their underwear line count to 16, I realized just how many pairs of underwear there are for men to choose from. We all know the classics like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, which are known for comfort and cotton, but there are more options out there – with each one offering a little something special.

Take D.HEDRAL for example. This British label’s underwear is patented with ANGLEFIT technology and made with lightweight luxury Italian fabrics. There is also Garçon Model, a Canadian label that offers cutting-edge fashion and comfort while using premium fabrics. Then there are labels like Flint and Tinder – all their products, from fabric to packaging, are made in the USA. In the end it’s a matter of what’s important to the man buying the underwear – and once that decision is made, he will not back down (trust me on this one).

By Alejandro Lopez, Adentro Style

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April 22, 2013

What Are You (Really) Wearing? Getting To Know Tattersall & Gingham

Get on a first-name basis with these classic menswear patterns

What are you really wearing - men's prints

Plaids come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know which patterns are on-trend. For a classic spring look, guys can’t go wrong with a good tattersall or gingham shirt – but if you’re wondering what exactly these patterns are (or the difference between them), you’re not alone.

Taking its name from our friends across the pond, this graph check can be traced back to the Tattersalls horse market, where tattersall-splashed woven blankets adorned horses up for auction as early as 1766. It has since become the traditional print of English horseback riders and preps alike.

First imported from Malaysia by the Dutch, this classic checked pattern – rooted in the Malay word genggang, or “striped” – was introduced to England in the 17th century. From there the solid-and-white check textile was mass-produced on everything from tops to table linens.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

Want the lowdown on fabrics and more? Follow our What Are You (Really) Wearing? column every Tuesday.   

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March 26, 2013

Roll Those Sleeves Up, the Right Way: A Step-By-Step Guide

Rolling Sleeve Cuffs, the Right Way

The best part about spring? The way warmer temps create decidedly more casual office attire. Case in point: rolling up the cuffs on your dressy button-downs. It’s like the cool, nonchalant way of saying, “There’s work to be done here.” But did you know there’s a proper way to execute this laid-back look? Check out the steps below to achieve an effortless sleeve roll, then go ahead and get your hands dirty.

  1. Flip your cuff back and pull it up to just above your elbow.
  2. Evenly roll the nearby inside-out shirting until it covers half the cuff, keeping the sleeve snugly in place.
  3. Make sure to leave the edge of the cuff out so that any contrasting patterns or colors peek through.

Our Brooks Brothers Men Boutique opens Thursday, March 21, at 11AM ET.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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March 21, 2013

31 Days of New: Trying Something New, Daily

From giving blood to eating clean, this is the final week of my resolution

31 Days of New
A month ago today I vowed to try something new every day in January. Despite my complete disbelief in New Year’s resolutions, I created a list of must-tries (from sea urchin to spinning) and set out to check them off, one by one.

Now here I am, the day before my set end date – plenty of “new” under my belt – feeling, well, completely unprepared to let go of this little adventure I’ve just begun. But before I bring on the sap – behold, a look at my final week:

I turned off my phone for a day – and detoxed from Facebook, too. Going Facebook-free was easy, but phone-free? For lack of a better word, it was strangely lonely. (A sign to try a phone detox more often, I think.)

I gave blood. And failed. So, to clarify, I attempted to give blood. Halfway through the donation, I got lightheaded and the technician (a Josh Hartnett clone with a fondness for Twilight one-liners) told me I would need to stop. The blood I had given wasn’t enough to be deemed useful. It was a (disappointing) testament to the fact that – as valiant as our efforts are – we all have limits.

I vowed to eat clean. In other words: only simple, whole ingredients that grandma can recognize. As part of this, I tried satsuma, a kind of citrus fruit (thanks, Whole Foods), and learned how to seed a pomegranate.

I wrote my name in Elvish. Yes, a stretch, but amazing what you can learn on the Internet these days. (Try it, then go ahead: indulge in Second Breakfast.)

I did Paint Nite, which is, basically, a wine-fueled group painting class. My lack of artistic ability has never been so apparent, so I’ve taken the liberty to instead show off my friend’s skills, above.

I ate dinner at a restaurant alone. Okay, okay, I holed up at my favorite little Chinatown enclave and got my Bibimbap fix, book in hand. A far cry from going solo with white tablecloths, but… baby steps.

Now, where to from here? Not back to my pre-January rut, that’s for sure. The simple act of choosing the new (no matter how small) over the comfortable has been seriously invigorating. I’ve learned to push myself out of my comfort zone, to make every day count.

So I’ve gone ahead and made another vow: I vow to shake up my year. And I urge you to try it, too. Nay, not 365 Days of New (which I can imagine would be quite fund-depleting), but one new experience a week until the ball drops and 2014 is upon us.

Skydiving? Bring it.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

We’d love to hear about your New Year’s Resolution. Fill us in in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala

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January 30, 2013

Splurge-Worthy Bags for Day and Night


Lanvin. Trussardi. Tom Ford. Need I go on? From clean lines to soft leather, these are the “it” bags worth spending your hard-earned pennies on. Stick to neutrals and versatile silhouettes (like roomy totes and just-glam-enough shoulder bags) and these will soon become your newest (wear-with-everything) wardrobe staples.

Splurge-Worthy Bags for Day and Night

Our The Luxe List: Handbags by Balenciaga & More Boutique opens Monday, December 31, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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December 31, 2012

Get Gifty: Our Gift Pick of the Day

Kuhn Rikon 3pc Decorative Cutlery Set. That friend who just took a lifechanging cooking class? She’ll know exactly what to do with these pretty little tools.

The Get Gifty: Our Holiday Gift Shop Boutique is now open.

December 17, 2012

The Guy’s Gift List


Yes, Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to start making a list of all the things you need (and hope to receive) this holiday season. The key to success? A balance of needs and wants. Here are four (realistic-ish) suggestions to get you started on the ultimate gift list:

Practical Picks:

The Perfect Tie
Getting a tie might sound as bad as receiving socks, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have to wear one every day or reserve them for special occasions only, both reasons call for a great tie that makes you feel like a million bucks. So make sure you ask for one – or a few – that you really want to wear (and make sure you are specific so you don’t end up with another of the reindeer variety).

Grill It
What better way to get excited for next summer than grill gear? To double your chances of actually getting a grill this holiday season, ask for a portable one that boasts a smaller price tag and more versatility. It’s the perfect choice for the griller who likes to BBQ in the backyard, on the beach, in the woods, or on a road trip.

Want, Want, Want:

Bond, James Bond
James Bond, well, anything. Every guy has a secret desire to take after the legend, so why not take advantage of all the impeccable merchandise being released this year? For a subtle integration of your favorite spy, opt for Bond-themed cuff links or, if you’re a proud fan, request a vintage Goldeneye movie poster to add a bit of that 007 vibe to your everyday life.

Massage Chair
So, maybe not a practical choice, but it’s totally a necessary one. We’ve all spent hours in the mall relaxing in that floor-model massage chair and believe it was the best invention, ever. So add it to your list and have the convenience of its relaxing powers at your fingertips morning, noon, and night.

By Christine Mitchell, Staff Writer

What’s on your gift list this year? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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November 27, 2012

Check It Twice: A Holiday Gifting List (for You!)

With Thanksgiving (and, sigh, leftovers) a thing of the past, gift-giving season’s now 100% in effect.

First order of business? Naturally, it’s making “The List” – and we’ve totally got you covered. Just click on the above image, print it out, pour yourself one very festive cup of hot cocoa (because, priorities), and – without further ado – it’s time to get listing.

November 26, 2012