Yesterday, weekend style took a big hit. According to the Wall Street Journal, kate spade new york is shuttering brick-and-mortar stores for its spin-off labels Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade. But not all is lost. The more affordable, classic-with-a-quirky-twist brands will stay under the Kate Spade & Company umbrella, though they’ll only be sold online. Did you just sigh in relief? Yeah, us too.

The brand wants to focus its energy on “a new business model. . . to leverage the distribution network of its retail partners and expand its e-commerce platform.” Personally, I’m curious to see what exactly Kate Spade & Co. has up its sleeve.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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January 30, 2015

Well, your prayers have been answered. British Vogue was invited to Kate Moss’s North London abode for a chance to peep her designer duds. Let the closet envy commence… now.

Kate Moss British VogueImage by @britishvogue

Turns out Kate is a bit of a style pack rat – in the best way possible. She still has her bunny costume from Playboy‘s 60th anniversary issue, more than a hundred bags organized by color, a drawer full of sunglasses, and Louboutins galore.

“My wardrobe is brimming with Louboutins – the classic black Pigalle stiletto in patent or matte black leather is my go-to shoe,” she told the mag. “I have so many pairs that Christian designed a style with a sharper toe and nail-thin heel, which he named the So Kate.”

To see the rest of the supermodel’s drop-dead gorgeous home, head over to British Vogue. Just try not to fall in love with every inch of it. We dare you.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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January 28, 2015

Despite the title of her bestselling book #GIRLBOSS, Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso has stepped down as CEO of the company after eight years at the helm. But don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere.

Sophia Amoruso Steps Down

Image via

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January 13, 2015

Seeking to upgrade your work environment from hectic to healthy in the New Year? Check out these surprisingly easy tips below and strive to make 2015 as stress-free as possible.

Canyon Ranch

  1. Start Meetings with Clear Intentions. Focus your team by setting straightforward and attainable goals. This way, you’ll step out of Conference Room B feeling like you’ve actually made progress.
  2. Create a Quiet Space. Designate a room for silent contemplation. The area will serve as a haven away from noisy cubicles (i.e., gossiping neighbors) and promote relaxation.
  3. Partake in Charity Work. Gather coworkers and give back to your community. You’ll build stronger work relationships and feel good about your high-five-worthy contribution.
  4. Practice Active Listening. A.k.a., put the cell phone down and engage in meetings. Show that you’re paying attention with nods and smiles, be open to fellow attendees input, and provide honest feedback.
  5. Showcase Positive Values. People thrive at companies where they feel appreciated. Offer meetings that help build, flesh out, and spread your company’s values.

Looking for calm outside your 9-to-5? Our Canyon Ranch® Boutique opens Monday, January 5, at 11AM ET.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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January 5, 2015

Tomorrow night, Downton Abbey‘s back for a fifth season. Excited? Us, too. So we pulled together a little something to tide you over until the PBS premiere: three simple ways to get the Crawleys’ look at home.

Refined British Style

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January 3, 2015

Cooking up a storm and corralling rogue relatives is work. So when it comes to the drink in your hand? Simplicity is key. Using ingredients you probably already have on hand, whip up this easy cranberry simple syrup and add a splash to vodka or wine. Voilà! You’re ready to sip.

Cranberry Simple Syrup Recipe

(Click the recipe card to download and print.)

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November 26, 2014

Yesterday, Taylor Swift unleashed her music video for “Blank Space,” a track off of 1989, after it was prematurely hacked. Most of the Internet has zeroed in on how outrageous her on-screen antics are (for example, smashing cars with golf clubs).

But honestly, the real star here is her wardrobe. Each of her 19 outfits is spot-on glamorous and totally going on my Pinterest board. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below – crazy has never looked so good.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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November 11, 2014

If you think a 150-year-old fragrance would offend your sense of smell, you might want to reconsider. Perfumeries Lili Bermuda and drom fragrances have preserved a scent that dates back to 1864 – and surprisingly, it’s still appealing.

Lili Bermuda 150-year-old perfume

Image via

The Mary Celestia, a Civil War boat from the mid-1800s, contained a hidden collection of luxury perfumes in its bow. And in 2011, a storm uncovered the wrecked ship and the secret fragrance stash, still intact. The find prompted experts at drom fragrances and Lili Bermuda to restore the precious bottles. Then, the team reformulated the scent for today’s current fragrance fans. Jean-Claude Delville lead the miracle workers that recreated the century-old scent, reporting, “I was shocked at how fresh and floral it was, and the amount of citrus in it.”

How much will this history-filled bottle cost you? It’s available now for $225 at Lili Bermuda’s online storeHurry though: a limited number have been produced (so don’t wait another 150 years to snag it).

By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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November 10, 2014

That’s right. Rihanna has returned to Instagram after a six-month ban from the platform (punishment for a few NSFW pics).

Her first celebratory images included a peek at her cowabunga-worthy Halloween costume. Yep, RiRi and her friends painted themselves green as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Welcome back, @badgalriri. And keep those snaps coming.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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November 4, 2014

Dawson’s Creek introduced us to the perfect storm of romance, adolescent angst, and emotional indie tunes. The giggle-inducing Dachshund’s Creek, on the other hand, gives us a crew of wigged dachshunds re-enacting infamous scenes from the teen drama.

The group of canines lives out our favorite moments – from double dates and sneaking into boys’ bedrooms – with the familiar banter of actors James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, and Michelle Williams as voiceovers.

Now who wants to make posters of these furry superstars? I’ll take one, please.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Content Editor

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October 23, 2014