Anatomy of a Jean Icon


From their edgy ads to their oh-so-flattering fits, HUDSON Jeans are pretty much denim royalty. Check out our breakdown below of just what makes these baby blues so iconic.


Our HUDSON Boutique opens Friday, November 30, at 11AM ET.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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November 30, 2012

The #RueSprint: The Clock is Ticking

Get Exclusive Access to this La Mer Women's Watch


We’re three days into the #RueSprint, and it’s only going to get better. Today’s can’t-miss pick? A La Mer women’s “Carpe Diem” watch to keep you on time for all those holiday parties.

But it’s only available through this link, for a mere 24 hours. Time to get a move on.

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November 29, 2012

Calling All Social Media Fans: The #RueSprint Is Coming

As if there wasn’t enough reason to keep your laptops and cell phones close by (those Instagram-worthy moments always happen on the fly), there’s now even more incentive to keep Facebook and Twitter up – at least when the boss isn’t looking.

Starting tomorrow, we’re debuting The Rue Sprint, an exclusive Boutique open to our social media fans only. Once a day over the course of the month, we’ll feature a so-good-you’ll-have-to-do-a-double-take product that will leave your friends green with envy – and your closet a whole lot happier.

Just keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter account, Facebook page, and here on the blog. Each day, The Rue Sprint link will be posted on one of those channels, meaning it’s the only way you’ll have access to these can’t-miss Boutiques (and you never know where it will show up next).

What are you hoping you’ll find in The Rue Sprint? Tell us in the comments, or tweet us with #RueSprint at @ruelala.

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November 26, 2012

Insider Tip: How to Snap Up That Rue Find, Fast

By now, you’re a pro at setting your reminders, which is great if all you want to do is brag to your friends that you were first into the Boutique. But Rue is all about the hunt.

There, in the 3rd row, is the dress that you can wear for your night out, your holiday party, and with a low-key blazer and boots. You freeze, careful not to scare it off. Is it in your size? It’s totally in your size. But there are only two left! Now what? You need to be the fastest to the draw!

Watching the piece you can wear 19 different ways get poached right in front of you only has to happen once. The burn and the anger and the outrage will stay with you all through your shopping career.

So it’s about time you put a stop to it all and discovered a way to snap that piece up – fast. I’m talking our steal-saving button: Quick! Buy It.  Those black over-the-knee boots? Quick! Buy It. The dress for your impending high school reunion? Quick! Buy It. Not Quick! Buying yet? Here’s how you get started:

Update your account. Fill in your billing address, shipping address, and payment method under the My Account tab. Concierge tip – if you send a gift to a different address, it will save as your new shipping default. Always give your preferred shipping a second glance – we’d hate for your order to be detoured!

Click three times. 1) When you find one of those pieces you’ve been wanting while shopping a Boutique, click on it. 2) Then click the pink Quick! Buy It. button. 3) Finally, click the Place Order button on the pop up, and that find is yours. With Rue 30, you only pay $9.95 for standard shipping once, so all your other purchases ship for free. Shop, click, repeat as necessary.

As a QBI master, you can stop worrying and start watching the “Success! Your Order is Confirmed” notices pile up.

By Amy Bootier, Customer Concierge Guru

Have a question? Tweet Amy @ruelala_help or let us know your shopping tips @ruelala.

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September 25, 2012

4 Tricks to Instantly Update Your Bed

Meet Eddie Ross, our new Home Editorial Director. That is, if you don’t already know him. Eddie’s a home aficionado. He’s worked for glossies like House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, and beyond – and did a two-season stint on Bravo’s Top Design.

Simply put, he knows his stuff (and is more than willing to dish his secrets). So, in honor of today’s bedroom-centric Boutiques, I jumped at the chance to get his take on the most important piece of furniture you own: your bed. Here, he talks everything from pattern mixing to the secret behind perfect sheets. Prop those pillows – your sleep space is in for a refresher.

Image via Miki Duisterhof 

Trick #1: It all begins with the bed.
“The easiest way to update your master suite is simply changing the bed. Now that we’re getting into the colder months, there are so many things you can do – put down a new, heavier duvet, add some more cozy pillows. One of the things I love about shopping on Rue is that you can afford to do this often. You can buy multiple high-end items, get two sets of sheets, and mix and match on your bed to create your own look.”

Trick #2: Have some fun with it. 
“Don’t be afraid to play with color and pattern. Right now I love mixing a pattern with a solid. But remember that if you have too much pattern on a bed, it can be overwhelming – kind of like a funhouse. Choose a patterned duvet, a tone-on-tone matte coverlet, and mix a couple patterned pillows in with solid-colored ones to add visual interest to your bed.”

Trick #3: Cozy things up with texture.
“I love to play with different textures. It’s great to have flannels and quilts and faux fur and ultra suede pillows. The whole room gets a more youthful look – it’s not so hotel-like. I love adding texture to a headboard, too. Take a simple upholstered headboard and throw a quilt over it to give it a different look. Or try a faux fur throw – drape it over the headboard and tuck it into the mattress in the back. It makes everything a little cozier.”

Trick #4: Know the secret to perfect sheets.
“Here’s a stylist secret: If there’s no time to iron those sheets, there’s nothing better than having ironed pillowcases. If you just iron your pillowcases – and maybe the top 12 inches of the sheets – you get all the luxury without the work. And don’t dry the sheets totally in the dryer. Dry them until they’re still a tad bit damp. When you put them on the bed after, it’s almost like they iron themselves out.”

Inspired? Updated your sleep space with help from our coza Boutique and Buyers’ Picks: 50 Amazing Duvets Boutique, open Tuesday, September 18, at 8PM ET.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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September 18, 2012

Welcome Back, Fashion’s Night Out

It’s arrived – the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, fashion-lovers, New York Fashion Week is finally here. And kicking off this magical week is the fourth annual Fashion’s Night Out.

A little history: FNO is a global initiative sponsored by Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. It was created to celebrate fashion, boost the industry’s economy during the recession, and pretty much just put the fun back in shopping (although, when has shopping ever been not fun?); it’s a night to enjoy all things stylish. The best part? There’s no need to book a trip to NYC to join in on the fashion chaos. From our hometown of Boston to L.A. and even Sydney, cities around the world are participating.

So pick up your official Fashion’s Night Out garb here, find out the event listings in your city (if you’re in Boston or NYC join us at Nanette Lepore), and get to shopping. And, if you’re not tuckered out by all the deals and celeb sightings – check back in with us tomorrow for more NYFW coverage.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

What are you doing for FNO? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala #NYFW #FNO.

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September 6, 2012

The Big Switch: Retire Your Summer Carry-All

We already know about a few perks of the coming fall months, but here’s one more. After a season filled with sunscreen, sand, and (hopefully) lots of traveling, your light summer handbag is probably due for a little R&R. I know mine is.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t an exact time to make the switch. My suggestion? Wait until around the third week in September. That way, the warmest of the late-summer days have passed and, with apple-picking season in full swing, people are really starting to get into the autumn state of mind. So you’ve got the time, now for the how:

Before packing it up:

  1. Clean it: Make sure to toss those old receipts and gum wrappers, then wipe it down with alcohol-free baby wipes so it’s as good as new next summer (or better yet, add the inevitable loose coins at the bottom to the new bag fund).
  2. Stuff it: Instead of stuffing your bag with tissue paper, try using bubble wrap. This alternative still helps your bag keep its shape but doesn’t attract moths.
  3. Bag it: Yes, those dust bags have an actual use. Keep your carry-all protected.
  4. Store it: Find a safe place to keep your bags until next year rolls around. Make sure it’s away from moisture and any direct sunlight.


Before breaking it out:

  1. Pick it: This season is all about structure. Choose a bag that’s bold enough to stand up to the trend, but still speaks to your personal style.
  2. Match it: To your body type, that is. That’s right, different bag shapes and sizes complement different body types.
      • Full upper half: Go with bags that accentuate your lower half to balance things out, like messenger and cross-body bags.
      • Full hips and legs: Pull the attention upward with a shorter strapped handbag that hits around your belly button.
      • Straight hips and waist: Add some dimension to your silhouette with a cross-body bag with bright colors and bold embellishments.
      • Curvy: Stick with oversized varieties in solid colors.
      • Petite: Seek out vertical-shaped bags with similar detailing to elongate your frame.
  3. Pack it: Stock up on all the essentials. Aside from the handbag staples, I suggest throwing in a few bobby pins, a compact pair of gloves (trust me on this – they come in handy as it gets cooler), band-aids, and a small wristlet.
  4. Flaunt it: Aside from becoming a regular Mary Poppins with your ready-for-anything additions, your perfectly seasonal arm candy will be the envy of, well, everyone.


By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

When do you turn over your handbag? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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August 29, 2012

Insider Tip: Beating the 11:07 Blues

We’ve all been there. You’re casually skimming your email at 11:07AM ET, and then suddenly: the panic. The horror. The dread. Your favorite, cannot-live-without, go-to brand is in the subject line of your Rue email. In a Boutique that opened seven whole minutes ago.

You click in, all the while saying silent prayers to the Fashion Gods, “I promise, if there are still jeans in my size, I will dry clean all my clothes like the labels instruct,” or, “Please, please, please, let those shoes I’ve been dying for be in there.”

Going into survival mode, you block out all distractions as you scroll through the Boutique. With every bar slide down, the SOLD OUT dots pile up, and you sit, deflated, kicking yourself (with your not-so-new shoes). How could you have missed this Boutique? You’ve been scheming entire outfits around it for days.

Here’s how to conquer the severe case of the 11:07’s:

Set an Email Reminder
After you’ve successfully placed your orders for the day, take a look at the calendar under “Coming Soon.”  Hovering over the brand that catches your eye, you’ll see a blue “Remind Me” link. Checking off a brand will shoot you an email two hours prior to the Boutique opening (it’s like your own personal assistant).

Receive a Text Message 
If you’re not glued to your inbox, an email might not cut it. In the same check off for email reminders, you can also receive SMS messages to your cell phone.

Schedule “Meeting” Time on Outlook 
In extreme cases, there have been the Confessions of a Business Woman: I have blocked off 11AM ET on my calendar and shut the door to my office. Even at Rue headquarters, there is furious shopping from conference rooms at 11AM ET.

Shop On-The-Go
Maybe you have class at 11AM. Maybe you have an appointment you can’t miss (or someone scheduled a meeting despite your Outlook block). You can always bring us with you by downloading our iPhone app – or if you’re more of the Droid/Blackberry type, hit us up on

Let the squeals of joy begin.

By Amy Bootier, Customer Concierge Guru

Have a question? Tweet Amy @ruelala_help or let us know your shopping tips @ruelala.

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August 7, 2012

The Countdown to Shoe La La is On


When we announced our #ShoeLaLa sweepstakes on Thursday, we didn’t think for a second our Members would disappoint — and you haven’t. The stakes are high. Just take a look at the stunners above.

If you still haven’t shown us your shoes, just snap a photo of your favorite pair, then post it to Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Be sure to tag us @ruelala and use the hashtag #shoelala so we can keep score.

The best part? Not only are you showing off your impeccable taste in footwear (and who doesn’t love that?), but one of you will walk — very stylishly — away with a $500 Credit, and 10 lucky runners-up will each win a $50 Credit. Let the games begin!

Shoe La La: Our Semi-Annual Shoe Sale opens Tuesday, July 31, at 11AM ET.

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July 28, 2012

Amped-Up Referral Benefits Terms and Conditions

You will continue to be eligible to receive the standard $10 Reward Credit within 24 – 48 hours from when each of your friends’ first order ships (an “Initial Order”). After an Initial Order, if the friend that made the Initial Order completes another purchase on Rue La La in a given month (each, a “Subsequent Purchase”), you will receive seven (7) consecutive days (the “Free Ship Period”) of free standard shipping* (“Free Shipping”).  Limit of one Free Ship Period for multiple purchases by the same friend in a given month. You can only earn a maximum of four weeks of Free Shipping per month.  Within the first two weeks after the end of each month during the promotion period, we will send you an email that includes your Free Shipping results for the prior month (the “Free Ship Email”).

If you are participating in The Rue 365® or The Rue 30 when your friend makes a Subsequent Purchase, any Free Shipping earned via this referral benefit promotion will be applied at the beginning of the month following the Subsequent Purchase, and will extend the term of the available shipping period under your account for The Rue 365 or The Rue 30, as applicable.

If you are not participating in The Rue 365 or The Rue 30 when your friend makes a Subsequent Purchase, the Free Ship Period will start on the date that we send the Free Ship Email and the Free Shipping will automatically expire at the end of the Free Ship Period.

*Some special product, order, and/or handling fees, and/or taxes may still apply to certain purchases. If only some items in an order are eligible for free standard shipping, applicable shipping charges will be charged for the ineligible items. Rue La La return policies apply to all returns of eligible items that were purchased using this promotion.

This promotion is not transferrable. Rue La La reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion, including any remaining Free Shipping provided under this promotion, at any time for any reason and without notice. In the event of a cancelation of this promotion, we will send you a final Free Ship Email (for your Free Shipping activity in the calendar month preceding the cancelation). Rue La La reserves the right to revoke or prohibit your participation in this promotion for any reason, at any time, in our sole discretion, without notice, including when we suspect fraud or misuse. Rue La La’s determination of any Free Ship Periods is final.

Use of the website and this promotion are also governed by our Terms of Use, as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and requirements on the website.

May 9, 2012