Move Over NYFW, The iPhone 5 Has Arrived

If there’s one thing that could disrupt our unhealthy obsession with #NYFW tweets, it’s the announcement of the iPhone 5. That’s right. After months of speculation, we finally get to see what the geniuses at Apple have been creating. And the result? The biggest difference is the screen – it’s much taller, that, and the dock connector is different (thanks a lot, Apple). But the best news is that it’s equipped with LTE connectivity, meaning our mobile shopping addiction is about to kick into overdrive.

The camera on the new iPhone is about the same as the 4S, though the color resolution is a bit better. This is sure to be welcome news for the fashion photography world, who (according to SHIFT) is now offering Instagrams from New York Fashion Week on Getty Images (hello, new wall art):

“Getty just has four photographers faux-Instagramming Fashion Week (they mostly shoot events with conventional, professional cameras). Three use an iPhone or Android app to take the shots, while one shoots the photos on his traditional camera, processes the images using the Instagram app on iPad, and then sends them to Getty. The Instagrams are more of a side project, as they are for many professional photographers at Fashion Week. Of its 20,000 Fashion Week photos so far, just 73 — 0.04 percent — are Instagrams [sic].”

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September 12, 2012

Hearsay: A Partnership Between Anna Wintour and Glee?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit of a Glee fan. I would be doubly lying if I said I didn’t adore Vogue‘s Anna Wintour. And I would be triply lying if I said I wasn’t elated to hear these two powerhouses were coming together in a song-belting, fashion-exploding seismic confluence.

Did I mention Sarah Jessica Parker was sandwiched in there somewhere? Yes, as it unfolds, SJP will be appearing in a few upcoming episodes of the Fox hit, and Wintour will be styling her wardrobe. (So much for Kurt reigning as the show’s style maven.)

Why the partnership? The six degrees is shorter than it seems, as The Cut points out. Madame Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, works for Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy. And to her, I’ll be forever grateful.

By Cassandra Handley, Editorial Director

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August 1, 2012