Perhaps you recognize Serena & Lily‘s print-happy designs. You’ve spent some time flipping through – and coveting everything in – a catalog or two. Or maybe it’s even your go-to home brand. But do you have any idea how it all began? We’ll tell you.

Serena & Lily Bedding Home Brand_rev

Once upon a time in 2003…
Design-savvy Serena Dugan met business maven Lily Kanter. Eight months later, 15 whimsical nursery collections were born.

Celebrity moms? Obsessed.
And so is everyone else. In 2006 the brand is featured – twice – in PEOPLE magazine. By the end of the year, designs are in 600 stores.

Hello, growth spurt.
Grown-up bedding in 2009. Upholstered furniture in 2010. Entertaining musts in 2011. Two retail locations (in San Francisco and the Hamptons). Serena & Lily officially has it all.

Ready to redecorate with confidence? Our Serena & Lily Boutique opens Thursday, January 22, at 3PM ET.

By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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January 22, 2015

We’re a full week into the new year, and chances are you’ve signed up for the gym or reworked the contents of your fridge. But what about the kitchen as a whole? Here are three things that will help turn healthy resolutions into lifelong commitments.


Healthy Kitchen Additions

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January 8, 2015

If you’re an expert at trimming the tree – and we suspect you are – now is the time to apply those decorating skills to your drink menu. Read on for a few garnish ideas to elevate at-home libations. And yes, sampling is encouraged.

Fortune Cookie Garnish

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December 23, 2014

The finishing touch on your dinner spread? It might be in the backyard. Collect pinecones, or if the weather outside is frightful, stop by a craft store instead (most stock them for seasonal projects). Then grab a paintbrush, gold paint, and card stock. In just three steps, you’ll have elegant place card holders for every guest.

DIY Pinecone Place Card Holders

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December 22, 2014

You set out milk and cookies (and even took care to leave carrots for Rudolph). Now that the little ones are asleep? It’s finally time to dress up those gifts. Lucky for you, we have three whimsical ideas to make this year’s holiday a memorable one.

Kids' Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Add Some Sugar
Weave a candy cane or lollipop into the bow. Better yet, wrap smaller boxes with a candy necklace. Something to open and a tasty treat? Double whammy.

Rope Them In
Tie packages with a jump rope in place of ribbon. They can use it later to burn off some of that excess holiday energy.

Deliver the Goods
Place a small gift in the bed of a toy truck, then steer the pickup under the tree to make a special delivery.

By Kim Watson, Staff Writer

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December 19, 2014

You forgot to pick up a roll of snowflake-covered paper. Again. Not to worry: we’ve got you (and the environment) covered. Here are three common household items that double as gift trimmings.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Extra Tote Bags
Repurpose one of yours as a gift bag. Then toss the actual present inside and cover with tinsel. A gift in a gift? You’re too kind.

Spare Tea Towels
Have an extra (fancy) towel? It’s perfect for wrapping a beverage. Lay the towel flat and stand the bottle up in the center. Now draw all the ends up and secure with an elastic band. Bonus points for adorning the top with an ornament.

Road Maps
In the age of GPS, you don’t need them anyway. Fashion the maps like you would regular wrapping paper. Then take it to the next level by adding a vintage toy car.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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December 18, 2014

When a reindeer-adorned bag just won’t cut it, we’ve got a few simple hacks to help. Best Dressed Gift might not be an actual award, but we can pretend, can’t we?

Wrapping DIYs

For the Pinterest Queen
Dip a pencil eraser in white paint and dot it across brown postal paper. Just like that, you have one-of-a-kind packaging. Don’t be surprised if a photo of your handiwork ends up on her next inspiration board.

For the Wordsmith
Does she always drop obscure vocab in everyday conversation? Pull out the crossword section of your nearest newspaper and use it as wrapping paper. Tie on a pen with festive twine so she can show off her puzzle skills.

For Everyone Else
Add a last-minute wow factor to any gift in under five minutes. Grab an evergreen sprig for the traditionalist, a strip of lace from an old dress for the romantic, or a monogram letter for your preppiest friend.

By Ashley Bell, Staff Writer

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December 17, 2014

Chances are Friends has been a part of your life in one way or another. Maybe you swore by Rachel’s obsession-worthy haircut. Or you simply take in a late-night rerun on occasion. But now? It’s about to become part of your Netflix queue. Come January 1, the entire series will hit the streaming site for your binge-watching pleasure.

As someone who happens to be mid-Friends marathon, I can assure you that starting from the beginning is worth it for the style alone. Think slip dresses and high-waisted pants on the ladies. And ridiculously voluminous shirts and sweater vests on the men. All kind of amazing in their own way.

It’s the kind of TV that will have you hoping for a slew of 2015 snow days. Or is that just me?

By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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December 16, 2014

You’ve got the gifts – or at least, you’re on your way to checking off that shopping list. Now, grab the scissors, a roll of tape, and maybe a colorful pen for good measure. We’ve designed exclusive printable wrapping paper and smile-inducing gift tags, all easily downloadable below.

Downloadable Wrapping Paper

Print out our Otomi pattern and our Sprig pattern, then cut out tags to top off packages of every shape and size.

Like these monochromatic designs? Stay tuned for even more wrapping tips as the week goes on.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Content Editor

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December 15, 2014

For your holiday décor: Create a festive glow at home. Simply stuff holiday lights into a tall bell jar. For a more dramatic look, cluster several together in a nonfunctional fireplace.

For DIY tea lights: Running errands for a party? Add satsumas (or clementines) and olive oil to your shopping list. In a few simple steps, you can use the fruit’s skin and pith for mini tabletop candles.

For fresh flowers: Everyone loves a bouquet of blooms, but caring for one can prove challenging for anyone with a black thumb. Just pour a small amount of 7UP into a vase to preserve them.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Content Editor

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December 15, 2014