Together at Last: Jenna Lyons & Lena Dunham

That’s right, the new Girls Season 3 trailer has dropped on the masses. (Watch. ASAP.) And it features none other than J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons. The only question I ask – does this finally mean Hannah will spend a season fully clothed?

Read more about it on Refinery29.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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December 23, 2013

Polish Those Résumés – DVF Is Scouting for a New Series

Remember that time Whitney Port got a job (insert air quotes) at Diane von Furstenberg on The City? This is way better.

According to Refinery29, “The DVF brand is currently looking to cast eight ‘smart, sophisticated, and savvy people with a great sense of style’ in an unscripted show where they’ll compete to become a DVF brand ambassador.”

Diane von Furstenberg

The best part? Supposedly, you don’t need to be the niece or nephew of a fashion bigwig to snag a spot. But you do need “tons of passion and a great sense of style.” Obviously.

I may not be handing in my notice just yet, but I’ll surely set my DVR. Unscripted access to this icon is something I will not miss.

Read the full article at Refinery 29.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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December 21, 2013

Best. Year. Ever. Well, for Cara Delevingne

We’re nearing the end of December, which means one thing – plenty of top-ten lists, countdowns, year-in-reviews, and, well, you get the picture. And as part of my job description, I wind up reading just about all of them (tough life, I know). My favorite thus far? New York Magazine’s review of Cara Delevingne’s “Bonkers, Rebellious Year.”

Cara Delevingne's Best Year Ever

Why? Well, let’s just start with the obvious: her eyebrows. I mean, they alone deserve their very own list. Then there’s the whole she-may-or-may-not-be-dating-Harry-Styles thing. I don’t care if you’re twice his age, his hair is straight-up magical and you know it. She also walked in the Chanel haute couture show, scored a campaign with Saint Laurent, and mingled with the royal family.

In summary, she had the best year ever. And all I’m going to say? Enjoy it, Delevingne, because there’s such a thing as oversaturation in Hollywood (just ask Kristen Stewart), and who knows if that’s what 2014 will bring for you. But for the sake of those perfectly plucked brows, I truly hope not.

Read more about Cara Delevingne’s year in review at New York Magazine.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor 

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December 19, 2013

Social Media Weighs In: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Hate it or love it, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night – and per usual, viewers had their smartphones and tablets on hand to live-tweet the entire thing.  And reactions were, well, predictable.

Swarovski Sparkles In The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Image via The Gloss

From the friend who’s going to “join the gym ASAP” to the one who’s all, “I’m still eating as much ice cream as I want,” the tweets and Facebook posts were eerily similar to past years’ – kind of like the fashion in the actual show. Signature wings? Check. A bejeweled bra you could never afford, let alone wear under your clothes? You get the gist.

No matter how redundant the costumes and social media reactions are, however, it’s still entertaining. I mean, millions of people tuned in last night – and you just can’t argue with numbers. Plus, I may or may not have tweeted something about Adam Levine (you’re just not human if you didn’t melt over his reaction to Behati).

Check out “9 Types of Tweets From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” on

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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December 11, 2013

Grab Your Remote: The Greatest Thanksgiving TV Episodes of All Time

You’re in the homestretch. Just another day left at the office and then – Thanksgiving. The one day of the year when it’s completely acceptable to do nothing but eat and watch TV all day (at least, that’s how it goes down in my house).

To prepare for this much-needed lazy day, Refinery29 has put together a list of the best Thanksgiving-themed sitcom episodes. All you have to do is find a cushy spot on the couch, pour yourself a glass of wine, and find out which channels are smart enough to air their comedic genius (I’m looking at you, TV Land).

Check out the full list of Thanksgiving-themed episodes on Refinery29.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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November 26, 2013

American Music Awards Fashion: Red Carpet Roundup

Hits and misses. Every awards show is full of them – and last night’s American Music Awards was no different.

Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards

                                                                                           Image via

While Taylor Swift killed it in a flashy gold mini, Kelly Osbourne disappointed in a silver tea-length number. And as for Naya Rivera‘s revealing gown? Jury’s still out.

For more fashion fails and stylish successes, check out MailOnline’s roundup.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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November 25, 2013

Meet Marilyn Vance: The Costume Designer Behind Bonnie & Clyde

She outfitted Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, gave Ferris Bueller his leather track jacket, and slipped Molly Ringwald into that iconic pink prom dress. Now? Costume designer Marilyn Vance is bringing her touch to the small screen. Here, she tells all.

Bonnie and Clyde Lifetime

Rue La La: What made you want to do the Bonnie & Clyde miniseries?
Marilyn Vance: When my agent told me about it, I said – oh my god, I would love to reimagine that. Because it’s so different than what you saw in the 1967 feature film with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Which was fabulous, by the way, and made such great fashion statements for that time. But this was really a biopic – their whole true-to-life background, from the time they were born. And this script was just remarkable.

RLL: Since it’s based on a true story, how did you ensure the costumes were historically accurate?
MV: We took them out of the newspaper headlines and recreated them. The way the suits fit Emile. (You know, he was a small guy, that Clyde.) That heavy garrison belt. How he had his guns. I wanted to be as authentic as I could for that period.

RLL: For Holliday Grainger’s Bonnie, too?
MV: Yes, I searched around through old costume houses. Looked at the newsreels and how Bonnie presents herself. We wanted to go into her personality. She was a narcissist. She collected items and carried a suitcase full of mementos – headlines about them robbing banks. She even had these photographers take her photos and she would send them to Hollywood. She was constantly rejected.

RLL: Was there one piece that inspired you most?
MV: For Bonnie, I searched old costume houses and discovered all these knit suits. I started pulling them down, thinking, this is actually amazing. Because I was researching and going through this hardcover Vogue from 1931, and they were featuring these very same suits. And that was my inspiration – this one picture. It was a sketch, actually. The black beret with the pink blouse. That’s how we began.

RLL: Did the cast have input in what they want to wear? Say, for example, Holliday Grainger doesn’t want to wear one of the outfits you put her in, and you have to tweak it. Has that ever happened? 
MV: It could have happened, but it didn’t because I think we were spot-on with her. The minute she walked into the dressing room, she was already speaking like Bonnie. She’s a Brit and has a wonderful accent – and she came in as the character. I made her a board of all the looks from that Vogue of the knit suits and such, and she vogued the Vogue. It was amazing. Amazing. Holliday. What an actress.

The one person who hated her dress, though, was Molly Ringwald.

RLL: For Pretty in Pink? The pink prom dress
MV: Yes! She wanted to be Madonna. You know, she wanted to be in a strapless. She wasn’t even 18 at the time. And I said, You can’t. The other girls are all like that. You’re all on your own. You’re doing vintage fabric, making your own clothing.

RLL: Well, it was definitely worth sticking to your guts there. You’ve had some other pretty incredible past experiences as well. Like Pretty Woman and that amazing red dress Julia Roberts wore.
MV: The red gown was inspired by Madame X. Originally, they didn’t want it red. They wanted black and Garry [Director Garry Marshall] wanted a ball gown like a princess. I had sketches I had to do over and over again to make them understand what it was. They wanted to do a more commercial-looking film, and I wanted to stick to the kind of character she was.

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November 20, 2013

Watch Them Run: The All-New Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie Parker. Clyde Barrow. They were the Depression era’s most legendary crime couple. Now? Lifetime, A&E, and History have partnered to retell their story in a two-day television event airing December 8 at 9/8c – complete with Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) as Bonnie and Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) as Clyde. Sneak a peek below.

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November 20, 2013

Our Fashion Director on “The Olivia Effect”

By Jackie Nasser, Rue La La Fashion Director

First we had Michelle Obama, who put homegrown designers like Jason Wu and Thakoon on the map. Then we had Kate Middleton, who created international pandemonium when everything she wore – from her royal blue Issa engagement dress to her polka dot Topshop maternity dress – sold out in seconds. She even made the seemingly impossible happen: nude panty-hose sales, once a granny staple, rose 500% after she and sister Pippa dared to cover their bare legs. This fashion revolution was instantly known as “The Kate Effect.”

Now we have a new fashionista to follow – and she isn’t a princess or First Lady. She’s Olivia Pope, a political “fixer” on the hit ABC show Scandal.


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October 24, 2013

Killer Looks from American Horror Story: Coven

No broomsticks or hocus-pocus here. The American Horror Story: Coven witches are all about couture. Here’s a peek at their spine-chilling style – and the looks you’ll be falling for all season.

AHS Coven

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October 7, 2013